F1: Ferrari (NYSE: RACE) Team Management & Shakeup & # 39; to come


F1: Ferrari (NYSE: RACE) Team Management & Shakeup & # 39; to come


Ferrari's face office (NYSE: RACE) knows the F1 team management changes for Y 2019

We've seen another year and another part of Ferrari's failure to hit MercedesAMG. The 2018 Formula season has added to Ferrari's feelings to overcome their # 1 championship in the races to the world's playground.

This season again, The Scuderia failed to win the Topic title with MercedesAMG for his 4th hour in the last 5 quarters.

In addition, Lewis Hamilton got his 5th-century title, with the Sebastian Vettel driver of Ferrari 81-pts winning MercedesAMG's winner.

The Big Q: Ferrari is a real Italy, as Bernie Ecclestone said earlier this season>?

With the weekend that ends up at the end of the Grand Prix Abu Dhabi, a & # 39; Mr Vettel's vacancy to the destination.

Mr Vettell and Ferrari are running out to win, that is a Ferrari way.

The Big C2: Where does this leave F1 Ferrari team management?

Some of the spectators believe that the team of Maurizio Arrivabene's Boss team is at the Italian team, although they are not full of respect.

If someone was to signify their & # 39; A branch arrives at Boss Arrivabene, a man standing behind his drivers and led by the team to be particularly the second place only for the Money Arms on the way.

What we see is what we see; The Scuderia's most difficult team leader could have been a long time for Mr Arrivabene.

It is focused and is not controversial.

He is not dynamic like Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing and is not buried as Toto Wolff at MercedesAMG.

But, as a director, he says he says he has his drivers impact and that he should work with the Italian management team to do things.

It's emotional, exciting and exciting.

Everything is right, but Ferrari is trying to bring back their races for Y 2019 we are doing; hear that some of the changes are in the jobs at the Ferrari Headquarters.

We may learn that Rob Smedley, who is still home in Modena, is more likely to manage the Ferrari F1 vehicle development next year.

There are rumblings within the crew that has maintained the way of Mr Vettel.

He said, he is planned as a continuous step to strengthen the shape of Ferrari for next year. Jock Clear is the innovative tool for the young French, Charles Leclerc.

Last year, it is quite possible that producer of producer Charlie Whiting, FIA, Mr Laurent Mekies be introduced to bring the general Ferrari to the highest degree steps in 2019.

At the same time, we wait for more clarity and we will try them all over time.

Wait to meet …

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