F1 star Max Verstappen does not play a FIA penalty member


Anyone who fomulates Fomula 1 over the last two months has gone to & # 39; Expecting a slight fire from Max Verstappen, but something else; at present.

Force India's star, Esteban Ocon, had made the star of the chance to go. He has a consequence of his influence; in Brazil by hitting him in the race in the late, landing 21 years old in hot water.

At the next door, Verstappen discovered the 22-year-old man who sent him a camera before attacking the Frenchman to launch in a conference the story of the race.

He later said that Ocon – who was a security driver for Mercedes – had been so frightened if he was a wheel to a wheel with the winner of Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen was given two days of public service for the FIA ​​as a punishment for his eastern in Brazil, but the Dutch said he would not be happy if his work was "not fit".

"I'm not sure to look foolish," said Verstappen after the last race of the Abu Dhabi season.

"I'm thinking of whether I'm very tough to be treated already, so we'll get something right, because I do not look like a stranger."

Amazingly, Verstappen introduced the FIA ​​to retrieve it and Red Bull to be able to; consider the punishment process. But this does not appear to be enough for the sweetening of the shoe star.

"We will talk, between the team and the FIA, what we are going to do," he said through Motorsport.com.

"If I agree, it's not very important, is it? What can you do about it? I find it a bit hard but it's … we'll find a solution."


Verstappen will be the seat of the next Ferrari and Mercedes box with Daniel Ricciardo out of the way and a new Honda engine under the hood.

He lost the opportunity to become a young politician in Abu Dhabi after a brutal weekend, but, the young Holland may sit as well as anyone as a youngest broadcast of sport if the stars are coming in in 2019.

Despite being & # 39; suffered much of his resignation, Verstappen successfully opened the 2018 season and finished the fourth part in the competition race with 249 points named, finally Ricciardo after three quarters side of Aussie.

With Pierre Gasly splitting into the Verstappen trail in 2019, Red Bull is located on an inspiring momentous moment because it is struggling to bring his glory into her; Previously from the beginning of the decade when Sebastian Vettel quickly shot the field with just four competitions.


Lewis Hamilton, five-wages, said he expects to see Verstappen getting involved in the next week's fight.

Hamilton won the 11th Grand Prix of the award winning title with a premier event at the Abu Dhabi final race on Sunday, and was marked by returning back at the Guns N & # 39; Roses.

The Mercedes star will be a traditional winter training center in Colorado where it will give an amazing season that he gave to him within two titles of Michael Schumacher's slip. Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, Hamilton sent a two-way treaty with his companion again in 2019, and the Briton has also helped Verstappen to become clear .

The Red Bull driver suffered the beginning of a mistake this year, but he finished fascinatingly, extracting five podium after him, finishing the third place at the Marina Marina Marina before the Australian team Daniel Ricciardo, go before changing to Renault in 2019.

"Max has been driving well throughout the year," said Hamilton.

"He has shown his likes this year, and he has been living here many times. If his team is to do the job and deliver high in order to make a competition closer to us, he will be involved in the next year's fight. "Many expected the Hamilton battle to be Vettel; going down to wire after Ferrari's strong start to the year.

But the Germans were away after a series of mistakes, and finished the campaign with 88 points attacking Hamilton and with only one benefit from the summer summer, at the Belgian Grand Prix in August.

The joint ventures were after the Sunday race, with Vettel saying to Hamilton: "The five competitions are great, but I hope I'll stop you from & # 39; get more. " He also said: "I'm looking forward to turning everything on. I need a little time for myself. It's been very difficult for me, and I have a & # 39; need some gap to next season.

"I do not believe I had any problem to build my hand if I had made a mistake, so I have to review something that has been done here. Here and there , I was not at the top of my game, so I need to look at myself. I can be better than I was at times this year. "Hamilton will hold the ceremony at the FIA ​​awards ceremony in St Petersburg, Russia , a Friday week.

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