F3 rails such as flying aircraft, young tears that escape death


(AFP) – Sophia Floersch received 17 years of death attack when a terrible accident hit her; car on a F3 road race in Macau.

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The Grand Prix crash at Macau occurred in 18/11 on 18/11. The Sophia Floersch car is driven at a speed exceeding 276 km / h, which has been removed as a rooster before hitting the fence at the corner.

The German woman was 17 years old enough enough to escape the disaster but, suffering bad back. Shortly after hospitalization, Floersch told Twitter that she was right and was due to getting a hospital on a Monday morning.

In addition to Floersch, her car left four in hospital. Japanese Sho Tsuboi wounded in the back. There was a technician named Chan not suffering from face, spinal grass bone and other inside. Chancellors Chan Weng Wang and Minami Hiroyuki who were working in the area also expressed the event after the crash.

Not all four victims of life threaten and are taken to hospital in a warning storm.

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