F365 Saying: Ronaldo is confirming a bargain at the time of business for Juve


Nineteen and ten goals support Serie A have been a triumphant victory but Juventus had better plans when they issued a number of £ 100m shorts to name Cristiano Ronaldo last year. T . Sport Corriere dello Putting them out in time to arrive at Atletico Madrid to Turin on Monday: “He was not signed to win the Scudetto or to encourage trade. Juve is waiting to stop years of disappointment. ” T

It hasn't done anything but surely the crisis would have been put up to 24 years unless it was Ronaldo. For the first time, Juve waited for the biggest money they had made and in a way that surprised anyone, the best League player. Europe later.

It was no surprise that Ronaldo's family and all his friends were According to him Marcahave been warned by the top man to expect an ad-trick against Atletico after Diego Simeone's men abandoned their nemesis three weeks ago. Introducing Portugal is not a good idea and apart from that, Raghnall sees five clean pages as a result of supporting Juve in his biggest game.

The Old Mermaid did not see any reason to depress the importance of this test and the degree of challenge to be the latest side to withdraw from what would have been the result of two goals. Ronaldo was brought out in front of the TV cameras at the club to send out messages: “The team is confident to play a good game, and I'm also. To the supporters I say: think positively, we believe. Yes, but we need your help, because we are going to do our job on the playground and we need your help.

'Get ready to return!'

Message from anyone else, but judging by the atmosphere at Juventus Stadium, the supporters of the home sent Ronaldo's message to heart. There was a bizarre range that was loud or high that bounced and pulled from the situation and the Atletico mission came out to conquer the crowd.

Bjorn Kuipers helped them. The Dutch referee did not want – Atletico as a result of their 2014 race to Real, and Juve had never won his watch – dismounting the visitors t by giving a minute's minute for Ronaldo's Jan Jan Oblak. A physical call, possibly. But with close to two hands holding hands the ball decided, it was decided that Kuipers didn't have to look again through VAR.

Despite the fact that Juventus held control, he showed that Atletico had ascended the storm all the time. Ronaldo had been inactive as he became worried that Wanda Metropolitano's swallowing had not been taken. It reverted back to the left, measuring the Atletico back of Santiago Arias, one of four alterations from the first leg, but it was soon replaced by Alexardo Spinazzola. T to be great. .

On the other hand, having stood across Paulo Dybala, Federico Bernarderschi was confirmed as the largest drover in the left side of Atletico. However, two swims, Bernarderschi went out to Juve left and Mario Mandzukic making a rare shelter for the nearby post, giving the guests a 27th chance to run just as Atletico's confidence grew. When Bernarderschi stood up for a long post where Ronaldo was to stand over Juanfran, there was only one winner.

That was how the opening ceremony of the connection seemed to be the only break that Atletico asked them to. They only had the same chance at night just before Alvaro Morata can keep his head from blowing over the Wojciech Szczesny cross. He came from the kind of cross that Atletico had forced to be so keen, with Simeone's side reluctant to Morata's chances that Leonardo Bonucci would be better and Giorgio Chiellini on his 500th view for Juventus.

Atletico's Diego Godin and Jose Gimenez have their same aspirations but Juve had more faith in Mandzukic and Ronaldo opportunities. The opening opened from one of 20's first attempt and the exact four-minute reader was a second time second due to Bernarderschi's other delivery, this time from the south, to Ronaldo's arrival. Oblak appears to have sent the ball out to safety and, if it wasn't for goal-line technology, Atletico's gamekeeper would have gone.

Ronaldo's legs were struggling to keep up with the attack, with no doubt almost twice when he got back to the Atletico army and one free kick could go out. off the wall. But the chance to finish the hero who eventually forced him to a large extent came back to Bernarderschi, who had, for the first time, dragged him across the inner channel before being dragged down by t chorus Angel Correa when he ran over the box.

Oblak could not guess the side of the spot-spot to be available but the Atletico warden knew that, after supporting Ronaldo about two prizes, what was it? come. When Ronaldo's career promises, there was no danger to the repeal of Atletico. Diego Simeone men are the only side that ends as a second team to be in the Champions League without winning, despite encouraging for this year's final.

But Juve's attempt to correct their own in this competition is continuing. With great competitions for the crown, including tonight opponents, who were dismissed very little from abandonment and, importantly, Ronaldo in the province. I may feel this year, perhaps they would have been their year.

Ian Watson

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