Fabian Coulthard was ready to make a final Supercars sacrifice for McLaughlin


Fabian Coulthard will fight for the driver for this week's motor racing.

The drivers of the characters are known to be self-sufficient and think that the person they want to do is; hitting most of them are their team team.

It is not like road riding, where a team works for one rider, who gets all glories.

Fabian Coulthard hopes that Scott McLaughlin can remove the 7 of her car at the weekend.

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Fabian Coulthard hopes that Scott McLaughlin can remove the 7 of her car at the weekend.

Egaichean of motorcycle drivers are the specials, but Coulthard sends any of that on this weekend.

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Fabian Coulthard will run in Ford Falcon for the last weekend of this weekend,

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Fabian Coulthard will run in Ford Falcon for the last weekend of this weekend,

The 36-year-old will be broadcasting for the DJR team, Scott McLaughlin, as is co-indigenous. Try to win this year's competition.

This will be done with his team to call into the hills at a time where he could just get out at the front of Shane van Gisbergen, let McLaughlin first pull if there is a safety car, to avoid duplicating it.

"The weekend's aim is for a Number 17 car to pull the Number 7 off and to be No. 1, so that's what we're working hard," said Coulthard.

"Scott's aim is this weekend to hit Shane in both races. After Saturday night and see how the points are going up, I am Thinking you'll find who's going to do it enough enough to finish where they need, to deal with their seal.

"It's very awesome that the title goes down to the last weekend and that it gives something to fans to look and enjoy them. "

Craig Lowndes and van Gisbergen have been talking about how difficult & as he goes past the Newcastle street tour, but twice in the race last Sunday, McLaughlin was cut through the field after receiving penalties, because he tried to work hard to do so; keep track.

"There are some opportunities," said Coulthard.

"If your car is good and you can position yourself well, there is definitely a move to do.

"I'm looking forward to racing here, with the location of my war (seventh), it means that I can take risks here and there."

Coulthard finished third in last year's competition, but does not seem to finish over the seventh of this season.

He has been a challenging campaign for a number of mechanical problems and race events where we have not had a problem.

"I look forward to next year, but I also look forward to helping Scott get out as much as I can and Help the team win a driver competition, "he said.

"Personally, I feel that we have had a good car at times and been in good quality, but in those moments we've been looking great because we are Looking at how we've been struggling last year.

"But with certification, I can only go out of what we did last year and we're sure to put Scott 's gap.

"So I look forward to learning more this weekend and hitting the ground the next year in Mustang and giving it a chance."

Coulthard and McLaughlin participated in trial testing; Mustang last week. Here's the last weekend the Falcons will be used as Supercars as Ford gets back to the # 39; supporting the department, with the Mustangs in 2019.

Coulthard was delighted with the next year's car during exams.

"For me, it was a good feeling," he said.

"But until it's checked out and Supercars have the level of waste we allow according to the car equality, we do not know how much it is & #? 39;

"But I'm happy, I'm comfortable with the car, it looks at the part, so it hopes it will go as soon as it is Looking and it's possible for us to run a good next year. "

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