Fabián Cubero has spoken about the law that is introduced by Nicole Neumann and aims to Yanina Latorre, which has reorganized large fuel.


The war between Fabián Cubero and Nicole Neumann re-appeared this week after the Vélez player's reports The observer, the program Angel De Brito on CNN Radio.

"I don't know what happens to it but he does it nervously. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days I need to be with my daughters and I get to. are returning on a Thursday's trip through one of them " tthe footballer was burned.

His grandfather's words were as big as the model, which decided that they should continue to struggle in the field of the judges, as he will be involved in a trial. According to the Blonde, Cubero years ago that his daughters' quota is not being met Indiana, Allegra and Sienna. Also, Yanina Latorre inward The angels of the morning that the sportsman is also paying Nicole money to pay social work for a year when they were separated.

“The lawyers know that we have moved and the girls never slept. It's already registered and I don't have to tell who I'm going to live on, " Cubero himself defended it by sending a message to him Andrea Taboada. He said: "It is a shame that Yanina is speaking so big."

"That won't harm me because I give information." It is ashamed that your daughters are showing what you do, it is embarrassing to life for three creatures that are with their mother in Salta. My conversations show that you were told about the journey two weeks ago. The boys are not prizes tLatorre replied.

"And I want to say something else." At the time that Nicole was traveling with her ex-boyfriend Tasinn, Cubero banned girls' phones so they couldn't speak to his mother. Nicole was very sorry, she told the lawyers and she had to make a show for both the times and times when the girls spoke by phone to her mother. You can't live that way out of the sight ", stop the panel.

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