Face to face with Walter Aduviri Peru


Walter Aduviri Calisaya, Puno's district ruler, is just over a month in office and is still a presumed character in Peruvian politics, although there is strong support in the Andean nice. What is Walter Aduviri saying? What are your political goals? Is it possible to implement the measures that it can take or are they demagogic? Is Aduviri the Peruvian mirror of Evo Morales?

El Comercio continued to work Aduviri closely for several days. During a visit through several areas in this section, government received gentlemen from another country, they started public works, and, participating in health initiatives, asking for a mine to be pronounced about pollution … It seemed close, although it was already elected, Ad Admiral appears to be in the election campaign in a difficult department and complex as Puno.

This newspaper also interviewed the ruler for his ideas on a variety of related issues, from regional politics and separation, to his ambition for a "Bolivian model" of governance and the crisis in Venezuela.

The Tbh nam Pirate channel has advocated an advocacy from Walter Aduviri

Face to face with Walter Aduviri

Aduviri and the media
"I've always been criticized for 11 years. Certainly after this interview they will criticize," said Walter Aduviri. According to it, it's a way to have a & # 39; going into defending politics from the media attacks he says he has received from & # 39; aimarazo in 2011.

Walter Aduviri

Walter Aduviri and his relationship with the papers

Mirror of Bolivia
Although it is not considered that Peruvian Evo & # 39; (no, no, he does not say it), the fact that Aduviri has a close relationship with the Vietnamese leader, he has visited in La Paz days before taking up his post.

Walter Aduviri

Face to face with Walter Aduviri: link to Bolivia.

About & Amarazo & # 39;
Aduviri maintains (from 2011) that the violent actions that were recorded during the interviews in Puno and Juliaca were the work of representatives introduced. He says that the campaigners have the right to " complaint.

Walter Aduviri

Face to face with Walter Aduviri: the Aymarazo & # 39;

The flat in flames
The situation of Aduviri on Venezuela, at least, is controversial. It ensures that Peru should not have a & # 39; preventing the problems of other countries, and that it is within this country where there are "messaging" situations. However, it does not show open support against the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Walter Aduviri

Face to face with Walter Aduviri: located on Venezuela.

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