Facebook counters have been on & # 39; Sale of private consumer data to companies such as Netflix Technology


The British Parliament charged the Facebook Facebook network Providing companies such as Netflix favors their client data, even after securing its privacy rules in 2014-2015.

The British Parliament media committee published more than 200 pages of Facebook intranet, which he received as long as he was in. explore how the giant of the US was used to influence election results in a number of countries.

These emails appear in a complaint recorded against Facebook in California with a & # 39; The company now creates a Six4Three application.

According to the chairman of the Damian Collins committee, These connections between Facebook and Six4Three do not make it clear if users knew that their friend lists and other private information were used.

"Facebook has agreed to agreements with specific companies, which means, following changes to the 2014-2015 platform, they have full access to friend data, "Collins wrote.

"The idea of ​​linking access to data to the financial value of the relationship between developers and Facebook appears to be a feature that appears in these documents", he said.

Facebook said in a statement that was drawn to AFP, that the emails are in Six4Three "It's just a part of the story and they are displayed in a very difficult way out of their text."

The public social media of the US launched a public campaign in 2014 to hear the worries of users about to # release their data.

But these emails suggest that Facebook was a & # 39; follow policy The information sold to a selected group of major advocacy developers, even after changes to the platform were fully implemented in 2015.

The platform leader and Facebook programs, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, told the AFP last week that their company did not sell any data ".

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