Facebook error errors were displayed by private images of 7 million users


The crack was allowed Around 1,500 applications will get private pictures for 12 days, to September 25, Facebook said. It affected users who allow third-party applications to go to; get into their pictures.

"We are sorry that this has happened", the company said in a blog that is aimed at developers who create applications for their platform.

The problem is the latest in a series of security and privacy issues who have made complaints from users and carried out surveys by rulers and legislators.

The worst thing was the big crack that was associated with the & # 39; consultation Distribution and a security break that has impacted on nearly 30 million Facebook users.

The company said that he would warn through her page to inform users who may be opened by her / her; latest error. The caution allows you to link where you can see if they used any application that may allow private images to be taken.

The priori event seems to be relatively small, but it is possible for European leaders to start investigations on Facebookhe said Brian Wieser, analysis of Pivotal Research. "We already have a lot of evidence to strengthen their idea that Facebook is hard working ", he said.

George Salmon, analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, says that food statements and new sub-bottoms are increasing the likelihood of governments; New rules on Facebook business practices.

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