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Lworldwide supporters have gathered in London for "a big international session of fake news". Directed by Damian Collins of the United Kingdom – as chair of a digital election committee, culture, media and sport – representatives from nine countries respond to a former headteacher on policy solutions, Richard Allan, Tuesday at the House of Commons .

This is why every country has questions for Facebook to respond.


The Irish government is going to review legislation that is being prosecuted; Suggestions to promote online safety in terms of saying that technological companies are not able or unable to deal with harmful content. The motion that flows mostly with support to & # 39; influencing Dublin to technology companies with an Irish base. Facebook has headquarters in Facebook in Dublin and is under the remit of Ireland's data protection authorities.

Hildegarde Naughton – Fine Gael TD (chairman of the chair) of a joint committee of communications, climate and environmental activity – has said that the time for the company's apologies and reform action has been to pass.

"Social media platforms have shown that they are not capable of devolution." If they do not control themselves, we need to do them, "said August.

Lawyer solicited Facebook activists, including Joel Kaplan, a former global public policy leader, to Dáil in August after the Cambridge Analytica. He took an excuse for the breach of privacy and other bankruptcy and said that Facebook could see a pilot of an instrument to increase publicity around the ads before any referendum in Ireland.

The RTÉ broadcaster sent his postpayer complaint monthly on a RTE newsletter. Solicitors were also disturbed by the launch of a Channel 4 report program from Cpl Resources, a Dublin based Facebook contractor, informing the rulers that there would be a lot of items left on the site .

Naughton will be at the fake newsquake with Eamon Ryan, Green Party TD and old communications minister who has confronted Facebook's privacy breach. There has been unusual cross-party support for a bill received from Sinn Féin TD, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, from a backdrop to recruit a digital security commissioner.

Ruairidh Carroll, Irish journalist


The tight laws of Singapore state that the government is strictly tightly controlled by the media and no real news is free.

In March, the government's survey found that 46% of people appeared on Facebook's Facebook news. In response, a parliamentary committee began to investigate whether Singapore should suspend woven news and in September it concluded that there should be a technology company that fits in; giving a platform for "cheats" to be subject to legislation. However, there is a concern that a new law is used to express more freedom of expression, and Google and Facebook operators have called upon their parliamentary committee to " proceed with the law.

The path continues on this month, when Facebook refused a single government application to remove an online article which the government said it was "crazy and damaging". The article, written by an Australian blogger, said that Singapore's banks were involved in a 1MDB global dialogue. Facebook said that he did not have a policy to deal with a # 39; Bring down false men who have been cited, unless they directly provoke violence.

Hannah Ellis Petersen, south eastern editor of Asia


The fight of Facebook in the UK has turned from at least its company has; deal with regulation, what kind it will take.

Even before Cambridge Analytica's scandal broke, Matt Hancock, then the culture secretary, spoke of the need for regulation, asks for "technology to be used for the good of the people". Since then, the plans are not just confirmed.

The original focus of such online safety management focuses, especially with a focus on child protection on the internet. In May, Hancock published new laws "to make sure the UK is the safest place in the world to be online", and # 39; dealing with issues "from online bullying to affect online child sexuality".

Collins and his election committee have succeeded in successively. open side other side of which Facebook can deal with more difficult control, by & # 39; sending company agents to a strict quiz over the two attempts to combat mishandling and data protection issues.

The parliamentary regulator and parts of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have a disagreement agreement made by the media regulator, Ofcom, has powers to deal with some of these issues, rather than being restricted directly to & # 39; engage with traditional broadcasters. Sharon White, the chief executive of the regulator, added to Collins's committee that one approach would be to ensure that systems, processes and management were in Facebook and others so that the country could be satisfied that it is addressing the problems in a sustainable and effective manner ".

Such management does not appear to be superficial in the short term because Brexit takes a long time to go. whole parliament. But in the middle to the long term, the government hopes that freedom can do laws that exceed what the EU is doing; licensing Britain as an eye for clarity management on the internet, in a way that encourages others to be able to; to follow.

Alex Hern in London


The Canadian parliament and the country's privacy commissioner continue to & # 39; Analyze data breakdown with Facebook, after the company has dropped
Personalized information of over 600,000 Canadian users appeared.

While parliamentarians worked on Facebook's Facebook officers
In April, Mark Zuckerberg refused to show applications.

"What we want to hear from Mark Zuckerberg is just answering it
to the breakdown of data in Canada … and also the answer to how they are
going to handle future news in the future, "Bob Zimmer, chairman
entry of parliament on information committee, privacy and ethics, reciting. He said that the government is "very worried" about the impact of Facebook on democracy and its dominance. him
over data and advertising.

In September, the privacy commissioner said that he would be Facebook browsing over user data collection. "The digital world, and social media in particular, has become more interesting in everyday life and people want their rights to be respected," said commissioner Daniel Therrien in a statement.

Although Facebook has been realistic researchers working in Canada during the summer, the senior officers are still afraid that railings are still unchanged. This month, the minister of defense, Harjit Sajjan, warned that Canada was a fascinating aim to disseminate information campaigns through social media to run to the 201,000 federal election. "We need to know more about our citizens about Brilliant news effects. No one wants to be banned by anyone, "he told the Press Canada Press release.

Leyland Cecco in Toronto


The nation's national election room (CNE) attempts to reduce news news breaks on president elections held in October 2019.

The importance of more rigorous controls has been deployed as Argentina's political parties have built their investment in social media from 4.7% of total enterprise costs in 2011 to 31% in last year, according to recent CNE report.

"We have found social media accounts that leap from 200 to 2,000 daily interactions," said CNE secretary, Hernán Goncalves Figueiredo, when he named the steps.

"This may be due to troll farms or bots," said the officer, saying that the steps will include publishing a web search on last year's elections "to see anyone like the parties or political candidates on the web during election selection ".

The CNE also creates a register of official party websites and social media accounts "so that anyone who wants to confirm the foundations of the information".

Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires

There are also representatives from Brazil, France, Belgium and Latvia.


Although there is no country representative to Facebook grill in London on Tuesday, the Australian champion of the Australian competition Analyze the company's impact on media and advertising competition, along with Google and content companies such as Apple News.

The Australian Championship and the Consumer Commission have said the news of public interest journalism is "to contribute to a wider debate culture, as well as an increase in the fragmentation of false stories and that # 39; macrosrooms online online.

ACCC chairman, Rod Sims, believes that a case of quality journalism in the face of digital giants such as Facebook is a special issue of our age and says that there has been a great news release in the Australian society.

News Corp Australia has told ACCC's research that Facebook is responsible for taking responsibility for the content that it has. appear on the platform or analyze it on causing many fake news. "Unfortunately, the fact that fake news is really growing, without a particular focus on how to rule," said News Corp in his bid.

Facebook has told the commission that most of the news is passionately encouraged, and that it is Find new inventions and work with third parties to raise awareness of reliable sources.

Amanda Meade in Sydney

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