Facebook gave advance access to Netflix and Airbnb on data, documents appeared


Facebook some of the companies, including Netflix and Airbnb, have favored users' data in 2015 because it was a " restricting services to most other people, by email to & # 39; company and exhibitions released by a British distributor.

The 223 pages of communications from 2012 to 2015 are between high-quality Facebook staff, including the founder and chief executive of Mark Zuckerberg, a & # 39; shows how the social media company was a revenue debate by going to # 39; selling access to data, moved to capture more consumer data.

Damian Collins, a Conservative member of the British Parliament, made public documents on Wednesday after asking them last month in danger of being licensed by Six4Three. The advocate advocate has been abolished as part of their ongoing lawsuit in a state court in California, saying that Facebook has committed promises to developers.

"Facebook [has] A clear agreement was made to timber agreements with specific companies, which meant after the stage changes in 2014/15 that they were in the process of being able to do so. keep full access to friendship data, "said the Parliamentary committee in a statement that looked at the emails.

"It is not clear that there was any user's permission for this, or how Facebook agrees which companies should be returned or not."

Facebook, which is described on the Six4Three case as a baseless, says that the discharged communications are unacceptable without an additional context, but they did not explain.

"We are up to the stage changes we have made in 2015 to stop someone from sharing their friends' data with developers," said a & # 39 company in a statement.

"As an industry, there were many internal discussions about the different ways in which we could build a stable business model for our platform. But the truths are clear: we never sell people's information. "

Although it is registered under a seal and brought into the law, Collins said that the material had to be made public because "they are raising important issues about how Facebook & # 39 ; dealing with consumer data, their policies for working with app developers, and how they use their largest social media market position. "

Data was rejected to competitive applications: MP

Collins has been among the British research leaders about beautiful social media news, one of the many issues that Facebook has put into governments in a number of countries. Data breach, allegations about political bias with Facebook in content suggestions and collective methods have also raised issues from lawyers.

The daily application Badoo and Lyft were among the other "whitelisted" companies for access to data on consumer friends, which showed the documents.

Collins also stated that Facebook had a & # 39; An aggressive place against rival applications by blocking them on any user's data.

The summary of the main issues of the committee that related to the documents stated that the documents also contain; shows that Facebook was aware that the Android Android apps phone system – which allows the Facebook app to be updated, would be updated; collect consumer glass logs – controversial.

"In order to minimize any bad news, Facebook is designed to make it so hard for users to be aware that this is one of the basic features of the app upgrade," said the minutes.

The documents show exchange between Zuckerberg and director of Justin Osofsky in 2013, where they decided to stop data information to give friends on the day that Twitter put social media initiatives into video sharing video service.

"We have prepared PR reactive," wrote Osofsky, who answered Zuckerberg, "Yup, go for it."

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