Facebook had been employed by a Washington company to face criticism, New York Times Reports


Anti-Facebook Initiative

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New York Times stated that Facebook had a relationship between a Public Relations company based in Washington, its definition of Public Affairs, last year's expansion of the # try to resist her & # 39; fine from the competitors such as Google and Apple. The company also helped to focus on & # 39; support George Soros's financial partnership in the campaign against Facebook.

Facebook has been widely criticized due to Russian interventions in its social network. This link expanded with Facebook with explanatory Public Affairs in October 2017. This link created a bilingual service to write articles to; Slamming Facebook fights like Apple and Google as long as they were. Reducing the impact of Russian interventions in business social media issues. The articles were then published on the company's media site, NTK Network, which specializes in the & # 39; supporting creative audiences. The report also suggests that the company had hampered journalists to ' Investigating the financial links between Soros and its hosting counterpart at Facebook at the July Transport hearing.

This report is part of a series of publications produced by New York Times in many recent scandal on Facebook. The report includes a description of the Facebook scandal handling over the last three years, and # 39; including Russian interrogation disputes and the crackdown of client data sharing by Cambridge Analytica made by the March journalists.

The report is explained in addition to different news, including Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl Sandberg, angry with the security director's announcement; currently in 2017 of the overall progress of Russia in Facebook activities; and Zuckerberg's order for staff to move to Android phones after CEO Apple, Tim Cook, criticize Facebook's ineffectiveness in protecting consumer data.

Facebook has still responded to the report.

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