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▲ (picture / new head shell)
▲ (picture / new head shell)

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The social networking site is down! Facebook and Instagram (IG) are in the nights in Taiwan (20), a global accident crash, the most likely destinations including Taiwan, the United States East Coast, the Department Europe and elsewhere, as well as the ability to load personal pages. Due to a serious recovery, the private message can not be safely drawn. It is still impossible to confirm whether Facebook is associated with an IG accident, and the network laments. At this time, it has been repaired and can be used as a whole. Facebook has not returned to the machine.

Facebook crash occurred midnight on the 18th, and the computer page will always display the "Errors" screen reboot this page. " Taiwan, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines It was influenced and did not return to 1:35 p.m. In terms of the causes of the accident, it is still to be clarified.

As a result of frequent incidents, Zucke's Head of Facebook said on the 19th that "screwing company is slow," and put forward a number of senior executives, leading to the stock price of more than 5% . Who knows that # 39; company down on the 20th, Zu Kebo What happens next?

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