Facebook is always wild, Zu Kebai is not yet runner-up – News – Rti Central Radio


Facebook is always wild, Zu Kebai is not yet runner-up – News – Rti Central Radio

  • Time: 2018-11-21 15:45
  • News statement: Interview, AFP
  • Writer: Huang Qilin

The chairman of Facebook and CEO of Zu Kebo was attacked, but he still said on the 20th he did not expect to retire. (Photo: Zuckerberg Facebook)

This year, Facebook's controversy and destruction on the famous community platform, Facebook chairman and Commander Mark Zuckerberg were criticized, but he said on the 20th he did not expect to retire.

In the CNN Business, CNN Business asked if he was interested in retiring as chairman, Zu Kebo said that there is no such plan.

Zuckerberg also defended Facebook's chief executive officer, Sheryl Sandberg, who was criticized for his / her. poor treatment on Facebook's emergency.

Zuckerberg said: "Sunderberg is a very important part of this company and it is our responsibility to make many efforts for many of the key issues."

Zu Kebo said he has been working with Sandberg for 10 years and is very proud of her work. He hopes to continue working with her in the next 10 years.

Facebook has been fighting this year, a & # 39; including the use of Russian on Facebook for translation in the US president's election in 2016, the Facebook users' image was used to assist Cambridge's analyzed analysis of Donald Trump's initiative, and the accounts of 50 million people, Facebook users have attracted Advertising, Invalidity, and Facebook's Facebook site in Chinese-style cleaning in Myanmar.

Survey published last week with the New York Times that Facebook encouraged the public to be involved in the exchange of Belarus and the use of public relations companies to give negative news about other Silicon Valley companies.

But Zu Kebo said that this report is not correct enough.

According to their understanding, Zuckerberg's first 34-year-old was the third most richest in the world, the second only for the founder of Amazon and Jeff Bezos Chief Executive and the Microsoft Corp Foundation Bill. Bill Gates, but after a series of storms, his level on the Bloomberg Billionaires label has gone to sixth place.

In June of this year, Trillium Asset Management, who holds $ 11 million shares of Facebook, has submitted a report asking Zuckerberg to chair the chairman due to regulatory incapacity.

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