Facebook is back in action after many hours of server's pests


From 20/11, consumers in Vietnam and around the world met a problem with & # 39; Access Facebook as they can not download the page, without pictures or post pictures … in about 3 hours. However, accordingly ABC News, events up to 13 hours by place.

In response to this page, Facebook said, "Today, the server's compromise has blocked all our applications, which influenced user knowledge. The problem was resolved, we 100% returned and we are complaining for inconvenience. "

Many users show that they have access to Facebook, but some photos still have a chance; showing mistakes.

The Facebook message was broken last night.

The Facebook message was broken last night.

Many businesses use Facebook and Instagram to encourage Black Friday business. Previously, on November 18, social networking with 2.2 billion users was also "falling" in many places in the world for an unknown reason for an hour.

Facebook is struggling after media New York Times The largest social networking site is employed to appoint Public Affairs Recruitment to write and distribute criticism to prevent Apple, Google, and at the same time. Reducing Russia's impact interventions in general elections. The United States in 2016.

Facebook says that it has tied a link to Public Affairs Definers. "We are not working with them again. We will not pay anyone to create fake news," said Sheryl Sandberg's COO of the social network.

Chau An