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On November 22, Baile Can Tho's Appeal Court refused the petition to reduce the penalty, The first test of Nguyen Hong Nguyen (aged 38, living in Thinh Thanh Ward, Can Tho City on the issue of "Demolition of democratic liberty" breach of State interests and the rights and legitimate interests of bodies and individuals "under Clause 1, Section 331 of the Penal Code.

Facebook's image is attacking the leader, & # 39; Do not step on the wrong road - photo 1

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There was mishandling, honorary headteacher, headteacher, Facebook & Bo Cong Anh & # 39 ;, Ho Chi Chi & # 39; convicted in prison

According to its decision on the first place, in 2017, Nguyen used the Facebook social network with the name "Nguyen Hong Nguyen" (naming "Bo Cong Anh") to exchange friends with many things against policies and policies. of the Party and State.
In particular Nguyen is often accessing the internet for articles, images, videos with incredible content, removing individual directors, Party officers, and the State, opposing President Ho Chi Minh. Then, edited by Nguyen, was posted, he shared the article on his personal Facebook account.

There are 77 pages printed on the A4 size paper by articles, images written by Nguyen Hong Nguyen, released on a personal Facebook page called "Nguyen Hong Nguyen has broken national political security, ordered social and safety; Make a view of the observer about the direction, the lines of his Party, the policies and laws of the State; heavily oppose the profile of his President Ho Chi Minh and the leaders of the international proletariat; the dignity and honor of many leaders of the Party and the State were honored and respected; the help of the hostile forces, and the opposition to the destruction of the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and its & # 39; eliminating the government of the population.

At the appeal court, Nguyen showed regret.

Finally, Nguyen asked the panel to reduce the penalty to help early, pay for a mother because Nguyen is the main staff in the family, and it is expected that people will not. ; go into the wrong way like …

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