Facebook was faced with a & # 39; company that has set Apple, Google Science


As reported New York Times, a Facebook rental unit called Definers Public Affairs, a media company (PR) in Washington (SA). The PR company has created content that adversely affects Apple, Google, and its impact on Russia. taking part in the election of US president in 2016.

Through Deputy Minister of Public Affairs, Facebook has also considered that George Soros's Liberal Marital Funds were behind the Facebook boycott, which influenced the social network. His company also helped Facebook to deal with US Congress in the hearings.

Facebook and Apple do not compete directly, but in the Cambridge Analytica slogan, the largest social network in the world is a Showing 87 million user data, Apple Header has been criticizing Facebook.

After a lawsuit New York Times, Facebook has bound links with explanatory Public Affairs. "We are not working with them again. We will not pay anyone to create fake news," said Sheryl Sandberg's COO of the social network.

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