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Facebook back in the city this week after the New York Times published a research report of over 5,000 words about how the executives responded a series of skins.

The latest publications will come badly for the world's largest social network, which is already over a rough year. From opposition to election selection and harassment from a speech to deal with a big security break, technological solutions have been faced with; maintained. He attempts to reconstruct confidence with its active users over 2 billion each month, but also aims to get more regulation from lawyers.

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Why is Facebook under fire again?

The New York Times research focuses on how Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Commander, 34, and COO Sheryl Sandberg handled 49 emergencies of emergency over the last three years. The report criticized their dominance, and # 39; Raising new questions about them, their role in Facebook and the future of the company.

The operators have not "removed warning signs and then trying to hide from a public perspective," wrote the paper. They were also "hit by personal projects and security and policy decisions were given by subordinate rules."

Facebook attempts to "crack the" crash "and" a "fake" data privacy screen level that came light in March. Cambridge Analytica, a UK consulting company, made personal information about nearly 87 million Facebook users without permission.

The paper also said Facebook was familiar with Facebook about Russian activities on the stage as early as Spring 2016, more than a year before the company had taken care of the public. Sandberg banned Alex Rescue Chief Executive, who is away from the company, how he will handle the problem, according to the Times.

At the same time, Facebook activists were taken up in protecting the profile of the social network. In order to do so, the Times said, his company came to an "aggressive" campaigning activity and took Washington's links to the " Moving to technical challenges and technology protecting critics. At one time, to go to & # 39; a company known for a defensive research, Public Designations, attempting to break out critics by linking Bill Soros, a Liberal Democrat, to campaigners ; opposing Facebook.


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Zuckerberg defends actions after the New York Times research


Why do people really care about what Facebook is doing? do?

Facebook is the largest social network of Facebook. planet. With an active use center of around 2.3 billion people, its membership is larger than the people of any land on Earth. However, Facebook is a company. There are no elected representatives, and there is no court of appeal. It's just Zuckerberg, his active team and the people they are employing.

This tension has been in the background since a Facebook was set up in 2004. Almost from the beginning, any time done by her & # 39; company changes (similar to when he introduced the Feed Feed no when did he download people Messenger as a unique program), obstacles from users were unhappy with the company's mobile shift.

When the 2016 election was distributed, we found that Facebook was not just a place to share photos of our children or ate for lunch. Russian staff had also learned that it was an effective tool for doing & # 39; Stopping in elections by misleading distribution.

Since then, there are flatfoot Facebook answers, and the splintering disputes no rise around them, like those with Cambridge Analytica, have drawn from around the world.

How is this scandal different from others?

The social network giant faces four simple simple clicks over the last year, but this is the case. Maintaining the company's leadership in particular and how it addresses the problems.

At the beginning of the year, it was the largest continuous film; Facebook has researched the Russian search in the 2016 US president. The tech company that was announced in 2017 had found evidence that Russian social network workers used to buy ads on politically spread subjects. But there are still questions about Facebook knowing about Russian activity and if it worked fast enough. This year, on the middle of the mid-US elections, Facebook has declined more than 100 accounts which may be linked to the Russian Internet Research Group.

In March, sent a & # 39; face company with new scanning when The New York Times and Guardian's Observer newspaper revealed that four million Facebook users have been received by a consultant politician called DistributionThe next screenshot raised the popularity of Facebook's popularity; Protecting the information it collects about users. To make matters worse, Facebook has given nearly three years to inform consumers about data misuse. The fear was encouraged Zuckerberg to make it unlikely before Congress.

Then, in the summer, Facebook went into the rest of the technology industry when it banned the theoretics of a long-established convention Alex Jones from her platform to break her rules on speech of hate and violent content. Jones was greatly excused for spreading beautiful stories, and including a man who said that there was a huge liberation of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The ban was to complain that Facebook was a? defending conservation voices, abducted his & her; company.

A belief so good & # 39; does Facebook have to protect consumer data back in September after the company has published a big security breakSouth West Cape Barriers notice a code linked to Sealladh as a site, which allows people to see which profile is similar to other users. Invaders attack the personal information 29 million Facebook users, including phone numbers, birth dates and cities.

US-Facebook Internet

Zuckerberg said before the Congress in April.

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Indeed, this dispute includes a group called Public Affairs Definers. What are they treated?

Thumbnails were set up by Republican political workers. The Times says that Definers defined a research document and attempted to submit reporters to financial links between Soros and members of Freedom of Facebook, a partnership of Facebook & # 39; urge the rulers of the giant to break social media.

The complaint is not good enough for Facebook, which is pressured to prevent misunderstanding and speech. Soros, a Jewish billionaire from Hungary, has made public criticism on Facebook in the past, but has also been a target of the anti-peaceful and long-lived concerts of theories, and piped bomb home in October. The fact that Facebook, through Definers, was to emphasize its & # 39; An action behind the scenes by Soros was played on connecting theories, really or not. Facebook partners and advertisers also stated that inventory work revealed that Zuck & Co was willing to use dirty politics to protect their logo.

Illustrators also focused on Facebook technology initiatives, the Times said. Some of the social network critics after the Cambridge Analytica bombings have been on companies and other Silicon Valley personnel, including Apple CE Apple Tim Cook. Mines have a link to a conservation news site, Network NTK, which published a number of critical articles about Apple and Google.

And Senters watched grandfathers who questioned Sandberg at a general listening time in September, according to the Times story separately.

Who Funded Freedom from Facebook?

David Magerman, a loyalist in Pennsylvania and a lawyer funder in Freedom from the first Facebook supporter, according to Axios.

Magerman said he has added the campaign to £ 425,000 to date because he believes that Facebook holds "a lot of power on how the world can communicate."

An official for the Soros Non-Profit Association of the Soros Society told the Times that he funded some of the freedom of Facebook membership organizations but has not supported Facebook campaigns.

How did Facebook and its executives respond to criticism?

Zuckerberg and Sandberg both punished against criticism about how they will deal with the scandals. "To suggest that we were not interested in realizing the truth or wanting to hide what we knew or wanted to stop surveys, it just truth, "Zuckerberg said less than a day after the Times story was published.

The two also said they did not know that Facebook was working on Definers or about their work; company. After the Times report appeared, Facebook terminated its definition with Definers. Facebook is also trying to look into its relationships with other promotional groups. Sandberg told CBS that "the communications team" had been employed on the fingers.

"The article says that I was spending a time, hiding, hitting or employing PR companies to do other things. That's just true," said Sandberg to CBS. "I was not involved in any of that, and I do not think that's a key strategy."

Illustrators said Facebook had not been successful for challenging research, but its main work was aimed at "fundamental media monitoring and public relations about public policy issues facing the company." According to the company, however, it gave "searching and background information about critics – both on the left and on the right."

Facebook also refused to know Russian activity as early as spring 2016, but the New York Times has been standing to report.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey And Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook partnership to confirm to the Secretary of the Committee on Foreign Impact Industry

COO Facebook Sheryl Sandberg watched before Congress in September.

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What impact will its & # 39; this dispute on Facebook?

A company can face government governance.

Producer David Cicilline, Rhode Island Democrat, who is planning to chair the unsuitable panel of the House of Judgment Committee, said: responding to the Times report by saying that Facebook can not trust their own management.

When the Congress met in January, Cicilline wrote on Twitter and Facebook, it should work on legislation to "address the physical impact of corporate money in our democracy."

At the same time, Democratic elders to ask a Department to Justice, analyzing the Cambridge Analytica scanner, can be look out if Facebook "is turned against critics or public officials who try to manage the platform, or get vital information from the public."

Facebook also influences less staff morale, The Wall Street Journal writes, and its latest scan does not have a & # 39; help.

Will Will Zuckerberg or Sandberg make a step down or burn?

It does not seem to be like.

Zuckerberg regulates 60% of Facebook voting, so it can not be removed from his / her; company. So far, it is said that he has no plan for a step down.

Following the latest Facebook controversy, he also shows his support for Sandberg. And Facebook managers have a Facebook leader on the protection of Facebook and how their company handles their efforts to tackle the replacing of the Rose election.

"When you run a company with ten thousands of people," said Zuckerberg. "people who do things I do not know about the company."

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