Facebook's new penalty may have been unreaded images of almost 7 million users. Technology


Facebook was disturbing this Friday for "virus" to show some unpublished photographs 6.8 million users in a 12-day period through third party applications.

The most recent in a series of data protection events, said the social network, by using Facebook to sign in and to; allowing external applications to access the pictures, it may have been on & # 39; reaching the independent reduction between 13 and September 25.

"When someone is allowed to apply to access their Facebook photos, we do not usually provide access to the images that people share in their profile"He explained the engineering director, Tomer Bar, in a message.

"In this case, a virus enabled access to other images such as those shared in the Facebook market or storytelling".

The scientist said that virus also had an impact on pictures that people who have had a " Download Facebook but do not decide to unlock.

"We will store a copy of this image so that the user is available when he returns to the request to complete his publication," he explained.

Bar noted that contacting users who impacted on them and they can access a customer service where they can see the images that may affect them.

"We're sorry what happened", he took an excuse. "At the beginning of the next week we will put forward tools for application developers to allow them to decide which practitioners may be able to reach this virus. These developers to lose the pictures that have lost their effects. "

Facebook has faced a number of issues related to its data protection practices, especially since it has expired nine months ago from the Cambridge Analytica crack, which led to parliamentary checks and calls to the network of more than 2 billion users break.

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