Fachin attends Lula's defense and keeps evidence back for Friday | Politics


Arrested since April last year in Curitiba, Lula would give evidence in four investigations which are processed in a Federal Court of Paraná ( tbelow with details below).

But the defense of the old president argued that he did not have access to a series of reports and reports, which represented a defense barrier.

When reviewing the request, Fachin had defended the protection and ordered that the lawyers had at least five days to revise the material. The minister also decided that Justice Paraná should be passed quickly.

In his claim to the High Court, the defense of the former president argued that the lack of access to data entailed sufficient protection against risk.

“The application of first sanction is considered to be critical, necessary and meaningful for the risk of harm. that is not already said in police scrutiny (secret evidence) adding to the truth of truth in the truth, "said the lawyers.

Questions in which Lula will include evidence include the following:

  • if there were any crimes of scourge and corruption resulting from an act buried in Orthodox concerning seagoing ships built by Sete Brazil;
  • • if there were cleaning, corruption and cartel offenses involving Lula's actions on building the Belo Monte Plant;
  • if there were washing offenses and a card in relation to the building company Schahin and PT;
  • had cleanups and crime organization including blocks of oil exploration in Africa, by paying bays to PT and representatives.

From the start of the survey, Lula's defense says that the old president did not commit a crime before, during or after the term, saying that there is no evidence against Lula.

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