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Speeches instead of the economy could be the key driver of the next week's awareness driver because investors are increasingly looking at the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China. Washington and Beijing have been involved in trade negotiations for most of the year, with both countries; Practicing duties on many of their own remarks. These targets have raised market concerns about dragging potentially in global economic growth.

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In addition to the trading lecture, the US is looking at a relatively calm week in terms of economic data because the market is Closing for Thanksgiving holidays, with the expectation that housing reports and sustainable product orders will be made.

Air Wall Street has a number of major retailers such as Target, Best Buyers and Louise, who announce the results of the next week as the third season seasonal season ends.

The US markets will close Thursday for the Holidays holiday, and Friday Street will have a half day.

The week also brings black black winter holidays, the traditional start of the US vacation season, but researchers say it has been important with online shops that are on traditional trade downturn.

At the same time, in Europe, traders will focus on the early November survey data on business activity in the eurozone, which will give a little understanding of how the region's economy is experiencing; deal with global trade controversy.

It also focuses on political pressures because investors are in a position; Looking for improvements to British leavers from the EU and Italy's continuous budget crisis.

List of the top five events on the economic agenda that could impact on markets.

1. Trade developments between the United States and China

The markets will be maintained on the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China to see if more news come after reports; Washington could not stop putting other savings on Beijing.

US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he could not add more contributions to Chinese goods after the United States sent a list of the steps he was ready to resolve trading disasters.

But Trump said there were "four or five unnamed things" from the list of 142 things put to China.

The United States has said that it will not proceed with negotiations on a trading contract so that China has a severe response to its requests.

The United States added a tariff of $ 250 billion of Chinese replies, which responded to several areas of the chapter to answer China's complaint about China's business policies, market reach in China and The trading deficit of $ 375 billion.

Trump has been at risk of removing all remaining Chinese furniture – customs duties – about $ 267 billion in products – if Beijing's productivity is a " meet US requests.

It is expected that Trump will meet Xi Jinping's President of the G-20 summit of the forthcoming G20 in Argentina after this month, although it is expected that his & # 39 ; against any major results.

2. US housing data

The Company's Department will publish new building and housing permit permissions for October at 8:30 PM EDT (1330 GMT) Tuesday.

It is expected that the data shows that building permits fell 0.8% to 1.260 million last year, and new housing is expected to rise by 1.6% to 1.225 million.

Recent data on painting painting has disturbed a housing market in the United States, which suffers from high mortgage rates and tight stock.

3. Conducting Products of Conduct Orders in the United States

The Department of Commerce will allow permanent product orders for October at 8:30 PM EST (1330 GMT) Wednesday.

It is a consensus repayment that the report will show a 2.5% drop in constant consumer orders last month. It is anticipated that major orders will include moving mobility items with 0.4%.

The holiday holiday calendar also includes US data on Sales Existing Home, Job Career Applications, Increase in Michigan Consumer Assessors, Readings and Services Manufacturing.

It is expected that the Periodic Reserve will re-instate mental rates again next month after training in the loan costs in 2018.

4. Seller lights on the last week of the third season employment season

The third seasonal season season has passed, but it is expected that the results of a number of retailers will take the next week.

It is expected that both Elbrands and Observers Urban will submit their report after markets near Monday.

Targets, Best Buyers, Louise, Kohl, TGX and Ross are going to present their results on Tuesday morning, and Gap, Foot Locker and Peugeot Hole Cell Club will report after they have finished. closing the ditch.

Other famous companies that today say are: Campbell Sop, Direy, Autodesk, Antoit, Agilent Technologies, JD.com, Bellipili and Buffon.

5. Calendar of early euro buyers of the eurozone

The Eurozone Euro Market Early Early Market Managers are expected to have the Eurozone at 09:00 GMT (0400 GMT) on Friday, with a slight reduction to 53.0.

The index index index is related to both business and service sectors and is a good indicator of overall economic health.

In the Eurozone attack, PMI, France will leave and leave it; Germany PMI reports at 08:15 GMT and 08:30 GMT are responsible.

The European Central Bank held its policy unchanged last year and has continued to finalize its purchase program this year and its. raising levels of interest in the next fall.

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