Faileas lamenting at the reader's house


Nirmala Pathar (99), the mother of many readers of the annual actor died. It was completed at 5 o'clock at Oshiwara in Mumbai on Tuesday. He had been suffering from old age problems for a long time. In this event, a shadowlessly has fallen down on the act of the act.

It is reported in the Zinews report that the actor was not at home at the time of her mother, But, after completing the funeral of Mother Nirmala, her son, Malhar Patkar,

Earlier Patkar, who was 28 years old, lost his father. In more than one interview, he said he did not get his mother as the man. closest.

At the same time, based on allegations of Tanushree Dutt's actress, many other Bollywood projects have come out of different projects at present. These include Houseful 4 & # 39; At Akshay Kumar But, this year's Bollywood act is going to court on the basis of & # 39; Mr 2 &

However, the actor is not completely willing to open his mouth in front of the media. It is said that its "# #; The whole question is sooner.

In 2007, she was assumed that she was disturbed by Tanushree Dutt's actress on the set & # 39; Horn O More

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