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The second day of the US stock market was sold on Tuesday, as energy stocks were brought out with oil prices.

In addition, retail stock was down for indexes after major retailers were the main disappointment products, and raising concerns about economic growth.

According to Reuters, Nasdaq closed at low seven months. The S & P 500 and Dow Jones closed at the lowest level since the end of October.

On Monday, technology stock was sold from Wall Street, market down in red.

Up to this session, the technology stocks were continually becoming deep. Apple consumes 4.8% in value, and # 39; falling to the lowest level since the beginning of May. Reservoirs continue to disturbing the demand for the iPhone to pull Apple's steel.

The target shares have a 10.5% climb after the retailer has stated that the business results of 3/2018 have not reached the analysis preliminary. Similarly, the share of the Kohl department department also fell down to its share that dropped by 9.2%.

Sellers were warned carefully by investors because they were aware of the recent decline in technology stocks, economic dragging around the world, industry has risen, and the rate of interest rates has increased.

"The market is changing to the beginning of 2019 very differently since the first few months of 2018. Concerns are worried about economic growth all over the world. It also triggers down," said Quincy Krosby, chief engineer museum at Prudential Financial.

A decline in S & P and Dow Jones has declined in 2018. Dow Jones is around 1% and S & P decreased by 1.1% compared to 31 December last year.

The S & P energy group decreased by 3.3 per cent, which led to a decline in & # 39; index. WTI suspected income in the US closed 6.6 per cent lower on concerns about global oil supplies.

2.7% group sales stock, which marked the eighth continuous decline.

The Dow Jones shines 2.21% to 24,465.64. S & P lost 1.82%, to 2,641.89 points. Nasdaq fell 1.7% to 6908.82 points.

"The combination of many of the worst threats of reservoirs can escape on the market," said Robert Pavlik, chief executive of New York Leakage Disposal.

From the level of recording position on October 3, Apple shares have fallen by over 20 per cent, to $ 250 billion.

When the US stocks closed for the holidays on Thursday, Market Street increased Tuesday night with around 9 billion shares moved, compared to an average 8.6 billion. every session of the last 20 trading days.

On the NYSE, a smaller number of promoters drop down 5.7 times. On the Nasdaq, the department was 3.16 times.

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