Falling into your beloved's arms (Part 7)


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Phuong opened the hospital room. The face did not speak and speak orally; defeated her parents.

Phương and Thắng fell in love with each other from the beginning, when both students, they did not have their hands. And Tuan, a foolish man of Phuong … but at the end, he's still not the heart of his daughters. Tuan is happy with her long-standing relationship with My-Phuong as she prepares. However, Tuan came to my mind because he wanted to get near Phuong, who looked after him, although he knew that his brother had married.

But then, the skeleton scenes of life, Phuong's marital life threatened the great interest of Tuan. And they did everything that turned up above … was not satisfied …

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Phuong's cry, trying to break out every word in tears (Artwork)

– What do you mean now? The doctor also said that the child is the only cure at present. She has a Thang's mother number and wants her to try it.

– No, what do you do? It is very difficult to divide his mother and son and now she will give her to the world she will give. Can I marry more children? Do you want to be so alive all of your life? But if I die, I do not want to hurt that one.

– So, do you want to see it's crazy? In the last, I stopped her from listening, let them work out like this.

– Do you think I want to do that? I also hurt all of it, but I do not want it to be miserable. But at Mo, he tells everything suddenly.

Phuong opened the hospital room. She catched her parents greatly.

– Mom, what did you say?

– I just rose, I did not work.

Phuong's voice, trying to wake up all words in tears:

– Why are you treating me like that? I know that I'm genuine when I do not marry the person my parents want, but why do I give my children to others when I still did not understand it, I still did not hold it.

Are you my biological children but why are you so bad to me? The broken wedding was also suffering from themselves. Do you know how they are treating their daughters, why did they give them their children? Why are you doing that?

– Sorry, Phuong, calm down. Listen to my mother.

– I want to meet with your son. Mama take me.

– Yeah, I know, let me know you calmly.

Mother Phuong phone number confirmed. The time is the three who look at her; phone time to & # 39; go slower.

– a lot, Mrs. Mai? My grandson is still healthy! – Phuong's mother quickly said.

– Come on, grandmother. That year I gave her money, did not you remember? I think she did; Let's tell everything clearly that day

– I know …

Phuong dragging her & # 39; phone, she said quickly how to ask.

– Mommy, I'll bring you back, I ask you!

– What did you say? She talked to her mother. Her house was born to raise money.

The long playground was chilled. Phuong looks at her mother, saying in tears:

– Mom, how much did you have on her & # 39; that year?

– Because the cost of surgery is too large, if you keep my life, I need to sell home ancestry because my parents are old, my pension is not much, I will not pay anything. My children need money to run to the business. So mom …

– Did you sell their grandchildren? Are you my mother, why are you so hard for me?

– Sorry, I'm sorry I'm calm.

– What about Thang, where is it?

– Thang did not know that Ms Mai was talking to everything. Leave a break, a mom will definitely think of how to bring back the boy, make sure sure!

Phuong looked at the umbrella of her girlfriends; leaving the hospital. The person who was walking next to every step.

– How are you going to do it?

– You do not worry. Go quickly to get it and then look back at it.


Tuan sat quietly in the office. He closed his eyes to calmly wait for something very important from the phone in his hand. After a while, the cry was crying out of the phone. At present, Tuan accepted his hearing:

– Tomorrow, how they come in each year.

– Ok, thank you, I will tell the secretary to move money.

Tuan hung on his phone. Slow face again gradually. Apparently things are in line with their & # 39; your plan. He wanted to do everything for Phuong to return and return to his happy life at any cost.


The quiet town is in the sun in the evening. Tuan stopped car and went into the house. No one welcomed him in this big house. The boy sat and played happily with the toys, it was a good and tidy day.

– Mr Tuan.

Tuan raised and smiled:

– A tin is too recently, are you good at home?

– There is.

– When will you go?

– I do not know, but I prefer here. I need to explore a lot in Canada.

– Do you want me to go out?

– There is.

– The good thing is waiting here for a while.

– Where are you going to take my grandson? Tell me, to stay away from a sister. – Miss Ms. spoke after they listened to Tuan. She turned over, raised the child out of his arm.

– I want Tun to join me.

– Go to her place? You wake me up. That girl did not show anything. Why are those people like to be involved in that girl?

Tin asked to inspire and asked Mrs. Mai.

– Who are you talking?

– There was nothing, I went up the stairs that called her grandpa, it was in the reading room.

– Yes.

Wait Tun disappeared, Miss Mai also changed her face. Her face was sharper by the frightening fear:

– You're going, do not come back now, I do not want to see you in this house. Every time he appeared, the whole thing did not happen.

– I leave, I just have a & # 39; stay here and protect the building that I want.


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