Falling oil prices are scared of a & # 39; build US stocks


MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA News. The world's oil prices continue to go down on Thursday afternoon, investments are still worried about going to # 39; stocking this raw material in the US over the past week, according to craft data.

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It will reach forty: oil has been prepared for a new collapse

With regard to 19.35 during Moscow, January's revenue cost decreased for Brent's raw oil to North Atlantic 1.13%, to 62.76 dollars per barrel. The income of January income for WT was 1.41% to $ 53.86 per barrel.

The importance of oil values ​​continues to provide statistics from the US. According to the nation's Energy Ministry, for the week to November 16, up to 4.9 million barrels on commercial oil supplies in the United States, although researchers have been experiencing growth of just 2.5 million barrels. Preparations for the week were still at the previous week's level at 11.7 million barrels.

Traders also pay attention to the recent words from President of the USA Donald Trump. On Sunday night, Trump wrote Twitterwho thank Saudi Arabia to her; reducing oil prices. On the evening of his statement, on Tuesday, a 7% oil lost in price for fear of giving money over market oil.

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The government explained why gasoline is not cheaper after oil

Reservoirs continue to & # 39; The intention is expected to reduce the output of OPEC + oil. A meeting of the OPEC + Ministers' Audit Committee will be held on 5 December in Vienna, on 6 December, a meeting of ministers will be held in the membership of OPEC members, and on 7 December – ministers from all 25 countries will participate in the OPEC + agreement.

The exchange rate in the oil market is lower than average due to United States Day of Thanksgiving. On Thursday, the stock of the US stock will be closed, and on Friday, trading will be completed earlier than usual.

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