Fallout 76 Disability Disability Nukes Temporary


One of the most explosive features in the recent Fallout 76 out of the service. There were no players who were taken away by a bombing for launching nuclear weapons, before Bethesda sent a statement that he was aware and sent out text-heat.

Usually, the nuclear opening codes re-instate each week, every Monday afternoon, and players need to fight their enemies to find the new ones. Codes on the one hand, they can go to nuclear silo and launch them at map locations to punish other players, or just take a new wave of radiation to place and create high- level; there.

This week, however, the old codes still existed, and they did not work any more. The change was held on New Year's Day. In a statement Twitter, the company said that he is aware of the case and his / her; look in. Then, on January 2, the game went down for maintenance and came back just over an hour.

This is far from its first unexpectedly & # 39; Fallout 76 game. The game has followed a series of issues, from low review scores to controversy over its special tartan with canvas bags to personal loss. The studio did not show any indication of having to delete its plans for its & # 39; game, however. He still sends pets regularly and names upcoming features, and # 39; including a new PvP restriction method, and the ability to run your own shop.

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