Fallout 76 players launch 3 nukes at once, crash server


This week we learned what happens when you launch one of Fallout 76's nukes at a fissure site: you spawn a really big, high level Scorchbeast Queen and a bunch of end-game loot. Well, the players who launched that nuke decided to triple their efforts by launching three nukes, one from each of the missile silos, all at the same time. They fired their nukes and aimed them at the same spot on the map. The video above shows the triple mushroom cloud.

Unfortunately, the three simultaneous detonations may have been too much for Fallout 76 to cope with: the server crashed (or at least everyone got disconnected) a minute later, before the team could see if a Scorchbeast Queen three times the size of the last one would emerge from the ashes.

It's possible the disconnection may not have been related to three nukes detonating at once-I've had several server disconnects while playing and there were not any bombs going off-but it seems pretty likely. At any rate, maybe the team will try again and we'll learn what really happens when you drop three bombs at once.

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