Fallout 76 Review: Buggier of Saskatchewan, wet summer


Score: 4.0 / 10
Platform: Xbox One (review), PlayStation 4, Windows PC
Lease: Bethesda Game Studio
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: November 14, 2018

Map Unlock (Open) becoming a wonderful story of how to make games.

In trying to take advantage of the growth that was going on; Like to play online and collaboratively, Bethesda Studios has chosen the latest entry in the series that ran extensively from post-nuclear apocalypse games, online multi-game experience . The people who were cited (including me) are "Fallout with friends". This started to disturb the fans that are infected; enjoying unique solo player games and saw the move to play online as a bet. These players would never have liked them Map Unlock (Open), of course, how it came out – a warning signal early that it was a problem on the game.

But the problem with it Map Unlock (Open) other people in the world do not join you as you play. Attendees limit the number of players in all situations of a large world; game – four times of any previous bloody – just 16, and as a result I do not run over any other person when he or she does; play. When I have traveled to someone else they are almost always polite, so we mean we do not. Bringing out each other (I'm just as fascinating in Fallout's multi-game as it seems like most other players). I'm worried that other players have attacked me, or that they will not be able to destroy the camps that I have built. The fist of the times I have seen unbelievable players in my world – are detailed in detail on the map with a huge red symbol, and # 39; mean that they have attacked another player – I'm just blocked so they can not see where I was.

By submitting, online play is to be played; Introducing some non-one-off games, such as the ability to play without an internet connection, to stop the activity, or indirectly do things slowly during his war. These are bummers, sure, but not a breakdown.

It's a real problem. there Map Unlock (Open) – and a man who proves a contract breach for him to find out that it is shorter when I launch any other game I've ever played.

I have visited the campaigns that I can not complete because of it; Something important has been released. I have fallen through the floor of the world to a vacant place. I have frozen the game and her & # 39; kicked out several times. I saw all the scenarios and marked features that disappeared from my map, making it possible to do anything. The brown sack in which everything I've died last is unexpected, can not be collected when I'm right on top. Holotapes do not often play when I lift them up. Recently repaired weapons have been broken up for any reason. The meter point of action is still still full even when I run or run; (but at least this latter one is a bit more helpful than blocking it).

I can continue to & # 39; going, but you may get the picture. Map Unlock (Open) feeling like a game of months or more away from being ready for launching to the public. It is even better and better done for achievement. If enemies are frosty and then they have a " Jump a few meters closer to the left or right, it is common – although it's like a five year old game, even close to being the same graphic as peers open world such as Dead Dead Solution 2 and Odyssey Creass AsasinSouth Westerly

This all said, it's a feeling like Fallout. Do not let the most amazing obstacles to convince their game on the # 39; your opposite. It's not like another Bethesda online test, The Older People's Recordings Online, which almost all feels like the single-player Elder Scrolls player. Everything will go from collecting resources and crafting tools to go to # 39; use and power-building development for the & # 39; Put around your Pip-Boy – the fast-tracked, straightforward linear computer to return players. Even moving and fighting emotions are very similar to the games that were; before.

What's larger, the artists have kept a retro-futuristic visual style always attractive. And most of the places are filled with a real reputation that's a? provides a better overview of the other interesting world of history, with only a few basic cultural findings in the 20th One hundred years to set America down a different route than those we know today. Expecting known airplane threads that contain Great physical corruption research, deployed staff and consumers, and blind faith in a technology commitment are even more than we are today. Find and & # 39; Following these stories – which is first performed through computer logs, handwritten notes, and audio recordings – one of the most important items in the game.

But even so, the strong level of Fallout information is not as strong as it was in the past, like Bethesda to choose not to & # 39; Introducing human characters in the world. This was done so you can see other human beings in the world, you know that it is under the control of a player. But the rise is that none of the towns, the people who live live or only who are living alone; adds some taste to other Fallout games. It's a huge, empty, lonely, and virtually uniquely world, in which almost everything you are doing is. running forward – executives, gouls, robots, religious guys called "disappointed" – a & # 39; trying to kill you.

If you're asking why no-one in the West Virginia – a United States area has only atomic spillage, according to Fallout's history – that is explained how the story will be. going on. We will overwhelm many places where people were going to; lived after war, and some of those who survived from all seemed to have not been everything long ago. Finding out what will happen to them is the main part of the story that will be the case. develop as you progress. The forensic research is sometimes interesting, but it's not as interesting as the lively-led stories of other games in the series.

There is more of their shame, due to the game's commitment to this game. It will only take 25 years after its & # 39; war, making it the first time that entry was entered into Fallout letters. In addition, the bunker is from the upcoming players; in the famous 76 platform, It is one of the bunkers of Vault-Tec's bunkers designed to work as a legitimate nuclear shelter, to preserve humanity without any hidden psychological tests carried out by its people. There was an opportunity here to grow Fallout fiction in newer ways, but Bethesda's actual reporting restrictions It means that there are too many stalks and a bad start.

Something about it Map Unlock (Open) that keeps me at & # 39; coming back, though not as vigilant as I would hope. The new song is definitely a part of it – similar to many, I'm laughed with a bold interest with Fallout's fallout globally, and I'm always willing to eat more – but I'm sorry. enjoy the simplest enjoyments of its licensing, such as & # 39; Find out what might be. over the next row, scratch for supplies, and its; preparing new tools and modes. I'm just like living in the missing.

I can not recommend it Map Unlock (Open) to more than a few people. Still something will be taken forward, perhaps out of questioning, a completion must be given to everything Fallout, or, as it is, I want to want to & # 39; Replication of life after the end of the world. For everyone else, keep in mind that Bethesda is learning a lesson from this test.

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