False mosaic showing Mark returned to Cyprus


Nicosia, November 22 – 6th century mosaic, showing St After four decades, the emblem returned to Cyprus. The artwork, considered one of the few Christian antiques of the Byzantine art in Cyprus, was found in Monaco by the exquisite researcher of Artair Brand. She got there shortly after she was taken from the Panagia Kanakaria Church in northern Cyprus.

Mark the truncator, found by Brand after a two-year investigation, was traced to the ancient Christian and Chippriot Church in Hague. It will be exhibited at the Byzantine Museum in Nicosia, the French AFP journalist is writing.

According to Brand, a British family owned the mosaic, "he bought it in good faith eighty years ago." When she learned the truth, she became unhappy and she returned to the artwork as a result of some of the assets to cover the reconstruction and storage. The artwork is worth ten million euros, and AFP writing.

From the church, which lies in the northern part of the Chippriot island, which was controlled by Turkey since 1974, other artworks were stolen between 1977 and 1979, according to trader Aydin Dikmen, AFP is & # 39; writing.

A brand, the Indiana Jones of the World of Art, became a famous brand in 2015 when it discovered the bronze sculptures by the Nazi artist Joseph Thorak, known as Hitler and Horses.

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