Families fear two lost men in the UK


Noel Leeson
Noel Leeson
Anthony Keegan

Maeve Sheehan

Gardai attempts to find two Irish men from those lost in the UK for two weeks.

It is believed that Noel Leeson and Anthony Keegan were successful on a ferry from Dublin to Birmingham on 3 February, and They may have traveled in the Audi A3 black.

The two men from the Russell Square area are in Tallaght in Dublin.

Gardai has established that the two men have come into the UK and keeping their family in touch, according to one source. However, the men fell out of communication several days ago.

The growing families of men were becoming increasingly worried and said they wanted at Tallinn Caithness Station last week.

Gardai has worked with the islanders in the UK to try to find the men, but until now the authorities have not turned any head.

Gardai did not have any information to indicate that the men had been damaged or at risk, the source said, and are being treated as the cause of people who are missing. But the safety of their families has a lot of understanding, the source said.

Photos and details of men's information were circulated by guards last night.

Noel Leeson, which is 34, five feet, is over ninety inches. height and raised with short brown hair. He has blue eyes and usually has a stubble or a beard and speaks with an accent from Dublin. He has a special focus on his neck.

Anthony Keegan is about 6 feet high, slippery with short brown hair. He has brown eyes and usually has a stubble or a beard and he also speaks with a stroke from Dublin.

Mr Keegan has several special ink dock on his tools. When he finally saw, he had a brown leather jacket, a navy jeans, and black shoes.

Anyone with any information associated with both will be asked to contact the guards at the Tallach Caithness station on 01-6666000.


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