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Lori Dreher said that doctors had tried "everything" to control her daughter in the severe epilepsy of Andi – a laundry list of medicines, special foods and two or surgical interconnections. But he did not stop the attacks that left his nine-year-old ability to unwanted walking and stole her ability to speak more than a few words at the same time.

"She can not be left alone," said Dreher about the youngest child of her four children, who can defend up to 150 attacks each day. "She can not walk from A to B even though it is two feet on your side because she will have her husband and come to the ground."

With the usual options left to handle Andi, Doctors at Thorough's Hospital for Children Sick agree to make a closer approach, and she recommends to her family that she is under modes called deep brain, or DBS.

Increasingly the interventions are used in adults to deal with disorders such as Parkinson's disease, as well as epilepsy and continuing pain. But there were only about 40 children in DBS around the world – and this was a first parental case in Canada.

"This may be considered as a craftsman for the brain," said Sick Kids, Dr. George Ibrahim, the amphibian, explaining that DBS is in a position; including elephants burial in the brain, and then they will send electric cuisines that aim to stop tenancies, under the control of a machine batter that was inserted into the coffin.

So on 1 October, Ibrahim and the neurosurgical team made the simple six-hour work, which dried channels with a nickel through the Andi skull on both sides of his head, and then went to his side; insert four electrodes in the thalamus in each hemisphere of its brain. Wires from the electrons were then baited down through a neck and into her coffin, where they were connected to the device that promotes the electrical devices.

"The electric stimulus can alter the brain disorder. Some brain activity can be verified or can be on the dial down," he said, asks him to inspire a deep brain of the choice; need to needed for a third part of children with an epilepsy against the cure.

"It is not possible to know the real effects of the DBS whenever the device is converted for several months. But, when we turned on as a test during the operation, it stopped completely on its device; electric activity that causes Andi's attacks, and that's what we're hoping to pull. "

Andi's case was particularly important as a result of its brain's geography.

While he was in her mother, Andi was shocked in his brain that was found on an ultrasound that was after that when it was heavy. But her daughter's daughter at a certain level also has a quiet immersion in her left cerebral hemisphere, a copy of flowers that caused the DBS blast that could be dangerous. The side of this band of blood vessels was a large area that took hold of it unambiguously.

But because the epileptic illness has been in & # 39; happened for a long time – its aggression was at its age three – different parts of her brain in each case began to independently produce the offenses of electricity.

"So the epilepsy was very complicated," said Ibrahim, saying that the success of the work was to stop the surgery team directly; Identifying a path through the brain of Andi to introduce the ectroids without damaging major neurological structures.

"The electrodes have to be inserted with sub-precision accuracy," he said, be done using advanced brain imaging screens and other tests. "So even before Andi (in) entered the operating room, our team carefully and sometimes needed hours to plan the safest way to go to the area . "

A few days after the surgery, Andi was sent home to Kitchener, Ont., And gave time to go back. On November 15, the DBS device was forwarded and Dreher has been carrying out different tests of electric wheels within a set paramedran that was taught by Andi doctors – a knitting process aimed at having a & # 39; Determine what works best to reduce their attacks.

However, Dreher said that his / her process is including some test and error. After leaving one of the variety of electric flies confirmed in Andi "it's not good, like a zombie, with Jell-O's legs."

"It's hard," she said. "She still gets some of her tenancies and is still frequent, but we can see that she is alert at least and able to say four or five words in sentence."

But the family wants a lot more for Andi, who was able to keep up at school, to be independent and even to play football up to about two years ago, when Their attacks grew considerably on rising.

Hopefully hope DBS.

"You want the girl to be able to walk from A to B without a person holding her hand," said Dreher. "You just want her to be able to get her personality back. She usually used to be a little sassy, ​​funny girl.

"And if this can do what they think, the attacks may be controlled," she said. "I'd like to see her talk and walk her own again. We hope DBS can give Andi something about a normal life."

Without Ibrahim's hope too, although he said that it is too early to predict how much DBS has helped Andi.

"It is my hope that, in the coming weeks to maximize the number of parameters, we can see the reduction of acceleration and that she can take part in the activities that children should be involved. "

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