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It is in the majority of laughter buildings, and the play was written by actor Ramūnas Šimukauskas, four beautiful women from the route to the main police station. And now it's now going to get rid of funny events, relationships and women's things, which is unlikely to solve the station's police and ask one of the women to help.

"Comedy is not only a bang laugh, but every observer will leave the hall after his achievement has been optimistic and good confidence", sure showers will perform the show.

Drawing by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramunas Šimukauskas

Drawing by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramunas Šimukauskas

It is "Races 2. The celebration is continued!", According to Oneida Kunsung, the revival of the youth memories when he came to wisdom to accomplish himself. She clearly remembers trips to her grandmother, the holidays of many of her grandchildren were happy with her; their own cookie dish of related milk. When the family disappeared, Oneida and her sister secretly went to taste.

"Once, we met the" cow "pole with the grandfather who came to pretend her! Indeed, the hikean did not succeed in trying to hide any No, since we got out of course what we did when we slept very well, "Oneida Kunsun remembered that, laughing on the story.

She has made her curse more than once, but this brings her to life everyday.

"I can not tell any information, because I will show my cards!" – the communicator made sure he was not hiding in good behavior.

And her athlete is no doubt Aušra Štukytė – we'll get out of the most and we'll hear in his youth.

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Aušra Štukytė

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Aušra Štukytė

"But … by age, we do not stop this. We just do that differently," she said.

This was also supported by Vitaly Mockevichyte, saying that a large number of people have even lived so far and are not even aware of it.

"When we were young, we spoiled more, because we learned how we would do it the best!" – a & # 39; to ensure that Tadas Grynas was fulfilled.

According to it, in the spectacular exhibition, the audience expects many women's stories open, amazing situations, finding riddles and live songs.

"Women do not lie. They believe in what they say!" – Aušra Štukytė, who is a performing an amazing job in her performance, no doubt.

She, like the famous actors "Rasa 2. Celebration", ensures that the team chosen for a comedy moved at the same time every minute.

Drawing by Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

Drawing by Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

"We try to move that lightness, the hospitality, the charm of the woman to the scene," said Oneida Kunsunga.

A first part of POSSIBLE STORY (NO) ability. A comedy comedy (NOT) to REMEMBER / RASOS, which is amazingly great, Audiences with amazed stories about the beautiful women about their lives and laughter rays in the cities of Lithuania. So the exhibition has brought together a huge crowd of fans, on their demand, the creative team created a teardrop that would make a smile comedy "Rasos 2! The festival will go on!"

Comedy actors – The audience is renowned for TV shows, films and a variety of theater projects: Aušra Štukytė, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Eglė Mikulionytė, Oneida Kunsunga, Ramūnas Šimukauskas and Tadas Grynas – specializing in special feelings.

Sheriff Sirusas / Theatrical Comedy

Martynas Sirusas / Theatrical Comedy "Rasos 2. The festival continues!"

The closest dates for their first-possession December 10. Kedainiai, December 19 Radviliškis, December 20 Šilutė, 26 December Jurbarkas, December 30 Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities. For more information visit www.kitoksteatras.lt and www.bilietai.lt.

The director of Ričardas Vitkaitis is the author of the Ramūnas Šimukauskas play.

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