Famous Millionaire Family Bride: Moon after children's birth … That's how the second child is signed!


On Tuesday, Primaciálny palác was born in Bratislava, the fashion photographer Veronika Hložníková, who gave her new collection 20. Twenty models of women and large pieces, without coats, bricks or dresses. The photographer belongs to a Slovan roof and is a? covering many faces of šoubiznisu, so it was in the Primaciální Palace with well-known celebrities.

Fico got: She had a picture shortly after birth!

See also the famous photographer Petra Ficová and looks literally that breathes his breath. Just a month ago, Petra's daughter Dorotka brought to the world. There was a peaceful face, her laughter, and no one thought that the photographer had just been born.

In a simple black uniform, she looked awesome and there was no search after my heart was heavy. Dorotka is the second daughter of a well-known photographer and her companion, lawyer, Martin Rehak (37), son of the son of Ladislav Rehak (64). Seonag's first daughter came to the world last year.

Petra Fic was shown in society for the month after its birth.

Bean-married from a famous millennium

Well: Photograph: Ján Zemiar

Petra Ficová is a prominent photographer and her paintings are decorated with the cover of many fashion magazines and lifestyles in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. She has been working with best photographers and photographers and a permanent face in front of her lens as Dominika Cibulková and Dara Rolins.

Petra Ficova and Martin Rehak have been doing a little for years.

Bean-married from a famous millennium

Well: Jan Zemiar

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Does Petra think that a month after her birth has been good?

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