Famous people came to the kitchen and remembered their child


"Over the years, when it comes to becoming old, priorities change. Now, I think that communication with others is one of the success criteria. you are open to others, share with others, it will be successful. If you can still enhance the enjoyment of others, take care of someone or just the lost food, a real person, No. 39. And you're good, and good for each other, "said John Nainys.

This evening at 19.30 For the seventh time thereafter, "Happy Bank" and the "Happy" LNK channel will be demolished. The annual event attracts more and more people from the public. Famous family entertainers, known to the spectators, have agreed to put video cameras into their food, and Share named family recipes, remembering youth, and making their favorite sweets that are; Go directly to Food Bank beneficiaries.

Ball den duet "Radish", a favorite DJ, Mr Nainis, along with his wife, Simona, who was a poor man, cooked coconut biscuits and that he was considered in the family. Actually, John does not often stay in the kitchen, and cooking is usually lying on his shoulder. "I am here for beauty. As it was always," John scoffed, but suddenly hit the egg lunches and followed other orders of Shimm.

"There's nothing weird for asking for help. It's not worth what you're doing: chocolates with brooch or broth, not cooked, much more important than your heart. ; Feeling a lot today, everything can be different tomorrow. And you may be able to help someone else, "- the beneficiaries are promoting S. Nainė and send them the cookies Their coconut, and she is attached to a happy youth.

Tad Rimgailos, the dancer, TV show hospitality, is the most memorable childhood taste – pineapple frozen. Tadas remembers that he was still a time of "great deprivation" and it was very difficult to get a pineapple. "Their parents allow the radiator to make the festivals as interesting as possible to children," said Tadas, who will be with his wife, Liucina, baking, sharing her & # 39; sexy cookie with the listeners. Lucina remembers that she was a cannon for three cups; in a baby's most recent dessert, a thin skin of butter and a shaking of sugar. She likes to taste today.

One specialist, Eduard Kaniava, who met his wife Barbora to a "Sharing" event with a totally different memory of her youth. The family's "pompous" occupation itself, when the main foods, potatoes and carrots, and the apple tree were the largest garage.

"We can give more attention to food and share. You do not have to stretch a person by hand, it is very important that you see your eyes, and understand that it needs help. It's not easy to ask, we can take the first step, "- asked E. Kaniava to share a family apple co-chorus with a woman.

To feed the Food Bank, you can call the short number 1343 (2 euro suffers) or online at www.maistobankas.lt/paremk.

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