Fang Zuming has paid money to buy a special home? Wu Zhuolin said he did not know – unacceptable information


Fang Zuming, Wu Zhuolin

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According to Taiwan's media statements, Jackie Chan's senior artistic star gave 19 years ago and Wu Xiaoli "Wu Girl Zhuolin", and Wu Yuli, was also in the past that Jackie did not hear -internally about her mother and daughter, without going to her; miss out. However, a brother-in-law man, half-brother Wu Zhu once heard about silent gold support. Wu Zhuolin was responded to these facts during the interview. He stated he did not know the name of Fang Zu, or he did not see it.

She recently participated in a special interview with the Hong Kong media to talk about the original family. She said she had always been looking for her father without money, but she can answer her heart. A question, she wants to ask Jackie Chan: "Why does this my mother want? Did you talk to him? I know I'm still young, but I need a reply." But she has never met her dad so far.

In addition to that, as well as parents and women, Wu Zhuolin's name is half-brother, and there have been telephones over the years that Fang Zuming heard about his father's paternal case and asked him to see Wu Zhuolin, a & # 39; trying to solve the relationship between the two. The objections, brothers and sisters have successfully met privately, and when they ask Jackie Chan's gold support, Wu Yuli, and even Dad's pay to the mother and daughter of Wu Xili help you buy a big house in Tai Hang. For these news, an interview with Wu Zhuolin was interviewed. Also denied one to one.

Wu Zhuolin explained even though she has a Fang Zuming's blood relationship, she's like Jackie Chan. "I do not know you, I do not suffer myself, but I do not love them. I do not really feel about it." Be aware of this, this is the case. "As well as talking about changing the surname of Facebook to" Zen ", she acknowledged she did not want to be named" Chen "with her father, but "Zen" means "Zen" in Chinese. You have to settle down and do whatever you want to do.

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