Fantasy Football Week 11 Start & Ems Sit & # 39; Em: Phillip Lindsay will start on the weekdays


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Weekend 11

I'm dying on what I'm praying for Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. This needs to be like it's like a Tampa Bay Dirk Koetter coach. It's a bit tired.

Do you start or go? sit Fitzpatrick?

Fantasy owners have better choices at least Jameis Winston, but Koetter is tied. It's going to be with Fitzpatrick in Giants Week 11, and we hope the QB is going to play it. play well.

I'm not surprised if it was. He has at least 22 Fantasy points to circulate five of the seven times he played at this season. It has passed for at least 402 yards in four of these games. He has many touchdowns in five of those trips.

But he also has three games with at least two concepts. And he looks great at this week's defense that allowed him to pass one touchdown in each of the three games against Matt Ryan, Alex Smith and Nick Mullens. But this is not true about the Giants.

If Fitzpatrick gets hard working with her; member, can not be selected to & # 39; leaving Winston. That's the problem here. Koetter needs to win to save his job, and you must be surprising if his marching orders continue to win Winston due to the NFL business side.

You can see, if Winston gets injured, the Buccaneers give him nearly $ 21 million the next season. But does that matter go to Cotton the heat of the minute?

We will find out. And it is a responsibility for Fantasy owners.

So let me just say, start Fitzpatrick if you need it. It could be a great game to be easy. He could not sing at half a time. I prefer Eli Manning, Marcus Mariota and her; Dak Prescott may have this week giving them an opportunity.

Can we see Fitzmagic or Fitztragic in Week 11? I have clay waiting to see what happens.

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The Beginning of the Week

Although James Conner appears to be the best one who will be selling this season in the # 39; Most of the campaigns – thank you Le & # 39; Veon Bell – do not forget about the effect that Phillip Lindsay has done in 2018.

He has been a star. And he should have another good quality in Chargers Week 11.

Lindsay has circulated at least 10 PPR points in every game but one game this season, which was the Baltimore Week when it was cast out for throwing a punch. He has 84 full or touchdowns in six of the seven games and has played every corner.

This week, he gets Royce Freeman (ankle) back after he's been out for the past two games with anchor injuries, but nothing to be there. In six full games with Freeman, Lindsay has managed to manage 13.6 PPR points this year.

The crew who runs protection has been difficult for this season, but there are eight rods in total; runs eight total or 90 goals. And they have just lost a lossbackback Denzel Perryman (knee) for the season, which will affect, even though Joey Bosa is expected to do his season just Sunday.

You should rely on Lindsay as the beginning of all the felling, and 15 has been running back to me, no matter what format; there. Do not worry about Freeman's return, this is still Lindsay's backbone as the biggest back in Denver.

The breaking season will continue in Week 11.

I'm starting with Lindsay: Dalvin Cook (CHI), Tevin Coleman (vs. DAL), Marlon Mack (vs. TEN), Adrian Peterson (vs. HOU), Chris Carson (against GB)



  • Eli Manning (vs. TB): Manning came out of Week 10 in San Francisco with the performance of a quality of 188 yards and three exhibitions, Helps Fantasy owners to rely on him in a big game in Week 11 against Tampa Bay, which allows us to play most of the Fantasy points. Stop the fourth quarter of this season. Only two-fourths have failed at least 24 Fantasy points against the Buccaneers this season, which was Nick Foles in Week 2 and Alex Smith in the Week 10 Manning is one of the best quarterback climbing options this week.
  • Marcus Mariota (in India): Mariota appears throughout the way back from a seriously damaged angle that he threw in his hand earlier this year. He clarified 26 Fantasy points in a continuous Dallas game in Week 9 and vs. New England in Week 10, and that's why you can buy into Week 11 against the Colts. He runs for at least 21 yards in four games in the series and has three games at this season where he has at least five Fantasy points with his legs. And the Colts have allowed five of the last six consecutive installments to get at least 21 Fantasy points to a & # 39; come into this week.
  • Dak Prescott (ATL): Prescott comes to the Week 11 with 21 Fantasy points at least in three of the four games, with its low at that time at 18 points. Having started slowly, Prescott starts to & # 39; looks like a reliable quarterback Fantasy again, especially in deeper fillings. This week, Prescott has a huge presup against the Falcons, which allows the largest Fantasy places to be able to; strive for square steps last year this year. Only one quarterback has failed at least 21 Fantasy points against Atlanta this year, Smith is in Week 9 when he had 18 points. Prescott, as Manning, is one of the best season-finals in the Week 11.

Bust Alert

Trubisky has been finalized late in late, and is like a candidate who breaks down in his sophomore campaign. He'll be coming to Week 11 with at least 25 Fantasy points in five of the six games, but this should be the most difficult test to date. Although he took advantage of defense such as Tampa Bay, Miami, New England, Jets and Detroit when he was receiving a hot disaster – He was nine Buffalo's fantasy points in the 9th week only – he should fight against the Vikings. Minnesota gives just 18.6 points to Fantasy points to squares, and only three installments (Josh Allen, Goff and Wentz) have spread over 13 Fantasy points. Trubisky still has a value to start in a two-quarterback league, but I do not have to. Thinking of the No.1 option this week.

Run behind


  • Doug Martin and Jalen Richard (at ARI): Martin has been playing well from a & # 39; takes over for Marshawn Lynch (grin) injured in Week 8. In three games against Indianapolis, San Francisco and the Chargers, he includes 4.6 yards of behavior, and has two games at least 89 yards total. He still wants to do an overseas, but it can be a good lasting option against the Cardinals, which will allow the three Fantasy points to host support this year. Richard is worth using in PPR because he has at least 10 PPR points in four of the five games.
  • Theo Riddick (vs. CAR): It's almost more of a catcher or running back in those days. In two games since Golden Tate was sold to Philadelphia, Riddick's 13 attacks on 96 goals, and has kept at least 10 PPR points in each game over that range against Minnesota and Chicago, not to behave. With Marvin Jones (knee) injured, Riddick could see an increase in targets. This is a flexible option in each connection this week, especially in PPR.
  • Peyton Barber (at NYG): Barber has only two games this season with double numbers in PPR points, and it's dangerous to trust as anything as well as flexible choice. But it's a great deal against Giants this week. In both games without Damon Harrison's defenses, the Giants have allowed Adrian Peterson and Matt Breida to have more than 130 yards, get each one's reward. It is unlikely that it will reach that roof, but it can have a solid floor. And we hope that its border can be completed for just the third time this year.
  • Mike Davis (vs. GB): Even with Chris Carson (crom) who expected to return the week after he needed Seventy 10 and Rashaad Penny to be able to go. Come, I'm still like Davis in PPR. He has 14 targets for 11 attacks, 67 gardens and touchdown in the two games, and has saved at least 11 PPR points with the numbers they receive only in each time. His behavior may be limited due to Why and Penny, but if Seattle is a? Following points against Green Bay, then, make sure Davis is really involved in the game that plays her. passing.
  • Derrick Henry (in India): Although Lewis has done a good job as a starting point for the Titanans, Henry made a good job to find out; last weekend in the past weeks. In the last three games, Henry put four points of attention to just 29 minutes for 118 yards, and he's even been on the # 39; Guides four receptions over that area. It is dangerous to trust because it is a touchdown, but it's worth using it as a flexible option this week when it was done recently.

Sound bust

The invasive injuries in Washington have been a problem for Peterson, and he has been competing in a competition as well as Bay Bay in Week 10. He was transported for 68 yards, together with two caught for 1 yard against the Buccaneers, but it was not; it is easy. Washington has no brands of Brandon Scherff (shoulder) and Shaun Lauvao (knee) guard for the season, and Trent Williams (anchor) is still out. It is difficult for Peterson to be successful against Houston, and the Texans have allowed him to just three rubbish recipes to return this year. In the last six games, Peterson has earned two pages in PPR just twice, and is a low-level start-up option at Week 11.



  • Tyrell Williams (vs. DEN): Williams finished climbing three games in a series with a 10-hour release in Oakland when he had four holders for 46 yards on six targets. The season's targets were high, but we counted Williams for their re-impossibility capacity. He has held three home teams, although one of these "home" games in London against the Titanans in Week 7. The Broncos have allowed 10-week receptionists to This season, and I thought Philip Rivers would take some of the shots by Williams down the field. He is a receiver of Number 3 by side above.
  • Doug Baldwin (vs. GB): The Secondary Packers are the review, and employers have done well against Green Bay in the weeks spent by Robert Woods, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola all of them. get at least 12 PPR points in the three games. I like Tyler Lockett are the best among Seattle employees, and it's worth starting every link. But he was a Baldwin Number 3 receiver that was over the past week, and he was b. He can complete his first play of the season in this game.
  • Much Quan Smith (opposed to PHI): In both home games since Ted Ginn was injured, Smith's five draws to 134 yards and three shows on six targets, with at least one score in each game. The high school eagles are knocked up, and we should see that Drew Brees is taking some of the sets down the field for Smith this week, even with a # 39; Brandon Marshall added. It is Hail Mary, but it is worthwhile to be successful at home again.
  • Anthony Miller (vs. MIN): A 10 against Detroit against Detroit, MacMillan made a total of Chicago discounts over the three games in 20, and marked at least nine PPR points in three of the past trips, that area. Then the game came with the Lion when Miller went on for five draws for 122 yards and a six-goal trip. This week is better than Allen Robinson since Muillear Xavier Rhodes should be avoided. So, Miller is still playing as a No. 3 warden in the & # 39; most instruments.
  • Josh Reynolds (vs. KC): As we mentioned about Watkins, everyone could play this week with a scout game expecting against the Heads. And with Cooper Kupp (ACL), Reynolds has a bigger role. Kupp's last trip out in Week 8 against Green Bay, Reynolds had three draws for 42 yards and two touchdowns on five targets. It is obvious that it is behind Brandin Cooks, Woods and Todd Gurley when it comes to targets. But in the six games that Kupp were able to complete this year, he gave 7.8 a target for each game. We hope that some of the people will go to Reynolds this week.

Bust Alert

This is a feeling as an attractive game for Robinson after the defeat of the Lion in the Week 10. He benefited from a secondary school; the fight against Detroit with a six-go-round challenge for 133 yards and two touchdowns on eight targets, which was the easiest match game. Now it looks to the Vikings, and sees Rhodes enough in broadcasting. Although the Bears are doing a good job of going to & # 39; Robinson's movement around him and being played in the slot, they will remember that Minnesota has allowed him to just give six receptions to the receipts of this season. Robinson still plays as a chemist No. 3 Fantasy this week, but not everyone in it will be a starting point just because of a # 39; done in Week 10.

Tight End


  • Ricky Seals-Jones (vs. OAK): Jan-Jones seats well in Week 10 in Kansas City with five 51-goal draws to nine targets, and has another favorable competition in Week 11 against Oakland. The Raiders are the top five in Fantasy points that allow tight rods, so we hope that Seals-Jones will continue to play a lot. He had nine targets against the Chiefs to be joined for the second team member with David Johnson, with the exception of Larry Fitzgerald (10). I like seals-Jones as a boosting option this week.
  • Jeff Heuerman (at LAC): The last trip we saw was Heuerman in the Week against Houston in the first game without Demaryius Thomas, with 10 holdings for 83 yards and touchdown on 11 targets. And the Chargers have been very tight in three of the four games.
  • Gerald Everett (vs. KC): You can also put Tyler Higbee in this place as the Rams try to find options to help with; replace Cooper Kupp (ACL). In the last two games, we have seen that the tough Rams are coming to an end more. In Week 9 in New Orleans, Everett had three cats for 48 yards on five targets, and Higbee had two catches for 40 yards on four targets. Then, in the 10th Week against Seattle, in the game where Kupp was injured, we saw the two score scores, with Higbee a & # 39; catching three tracks for 25 yards on three targets and Everett with two cats for 15 yards on two targets. I like Everett a little better than the Higbee, but the value of both faces the Clan Chiefs in Week 11.

Bust Alert

At some point, Reed will finally get the final end this year, but it's a # 39; Looking for her first concert since Week 1 to Week 11 was against the Texans. He also has one game with double numbers in PPR in his six quarters, At least six sets in three games in a series. The Texans have allowed one touchdown from Week 4, and Reed is hard to rely on to start playing at a consistent level. It's a low-level startup option at the best in the & # 39; Most of the campaigns last year.

Special protection / teams

Start & Em

Cardinals (vs. OAK) – 11.9 projected points

The Cardinals receive a dream game against the Raiders this week. In the last four games, Oakland has assigned six points or less three times against Seattle, San Francisco and the Chargers. In these three games, the Raiders have allowed 18 sacks, and the Cardinals have at least four sacks in four of the past matches. I like DST Cardinals as the best three favorite Fantasy options in Week 11.


  • Steelers (at JAC): The Jaguars have allowed at least four bags in three of the past games, and have done 18 points or less in three of the past matches. The Steelers are playing in two of the three games, with nine sacks over that range.
  • Notices (at DET): Matthew Stafford has put 16 times in the games against Minnesota and Chicago, and had two cases against the Bears. In two games before the 10th of 10th in Pittsburgh, the Brethren had four attacks against the Ravens and Bucks.
  • Giants (vs. TB): Tampa Bay has allowed a portion of almost three bags for the season, and there are at least two cases at the Buccaneers in seven games in a row. The Giants had two problems just against the 49ers face in Week 10.

Let Em

Titans (at IND) – 7.8 projected points

Titanan DST has been good for the past two games, but this should be a bad week for the unit against the Colts. There was one Titanan translation, eight bags and Dallas and New Zealand continued to 24 points in the past two weeks. But this week against the Colts should be released since Indianapolis has not allowed a bag from Week 5 and there is only one change from Week 6. The Colts also have at least 29 put a point in four games in a row.


Start & Em

Muslims would like to fight against the Titanan opponents. In the five games against Tennessee, he made 12 out of 13 field goals, plus 12 of 13 additional points. It has achieved at least 10 Fantasy points in four of these trips, and the Titanan has allowed four visitors to make multi-competitive goals this year's road.


  • Ryan Succop (in India): The Colts Àir. 2 in Fantasy points that allow to & # 39; opposing her pipers, and six players have made many areas against Indianapolis this season.
  • Mike Badgley (vs. DEN): In three games with the Chargers, it's beautifully beautiful on field goals and 9-of-9 on extra points. Six players have made many field areas against Denver this season.
  • Phil Dawson (vs. OAK): Jason Sanders is the one-in-one opponent against the Oakland face of at least eight fantasy points, and three players have two sheets in their Fantasy points against the Raiders this season.

Let Em

Washington is coming to this game to & # 39; allows the smallest objectives to be & # 39; Fight against his last game with eight-day attempts on 11. Washington is also near the base of the league in additional points made by just 17, and a kicker has no more than eight Fantasy points. against Washington this season. Aldrick Rosas is the first 8th week with a wide range of tolls against Washington, and Fairbairn has made a score of eight or less Fantasy points in three of the trips past.

So who should you sit and start? And what is the great QB who could win a week 11? Visit SportsLine now to find out about Fantasy football races for each situation, and see what is the tremendous QB that ends in the top five in this week, -which a person from the model that was; make the experts out of the last season.

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