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Kriptokoin.com – Initially, bitcoin (BTC) was thought to be an electronic form of silver, but has become a digital source for storing value, rather than many of it. The Great Bitcoin bull and the corporate crypto investment company Galaxy Mike Novogratz, Digital Head and founder, made important reports about Volcanon.

The Bitcoin Bull: “It can replace Bitcoin's gold. Bit

In a new interview by Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Novogratz said that Bitcoin can easily transcend the market value of $ 7.5 trillion over the next 20 years. Novogratz said the following:

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The gold market has a $ 7.5 trillion value. In the next couple of years, Bitcoin cannot have this market value. But was it more than 20 years? Easily. And this gives the other options the alternatives. And I think this is like a bet with a very intelligent package.

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Definition of Criteria Definition of current sittings for Bitcoin

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Can Bitcoin easily get over the gold market?

Novogratzpredicting the highest part of Bitcoin that was not really true in the past. With that in mind, can the forecast for Bitcoin gold go beyond its market limit of $ 7.5 trillion in the last 20 years? He will show the time of Bunu

One of the people asked for this question is known for his long-term analysis of the Bitcoin price. Crypto David the Wave. After listening to the Novogratz forecast, the analyst went to Twitter to share a chart on the Bitcoin long-term logistics chart to see if this could be done.

As can be seen in the tweet and above chart, if Bitcoin is continuing with the growth of logarithmic growth, a market value of $ 7.5 trillion for Bitcoin in 20 years is perfectly possible. As can be seen in the graph, BitCoin can reach its highest point in 2045; here RTB be determined as a result of the reduction in movement and is more financially viable.

Bitcoin sees $ 350,000!

For the Bitcoin price, if it exceeds the gold market value of $ 7.5 trillion (including that the total Bitcoins were dispatched in 20 years), the market value of It contributed to $ 7.5 trillion and divides the total number of Bitcoins in circulation (21 million). You need. This places BTC at $ 350,000. More than the estimates for mac-model Bitcoin NovogratzIn the short term, he talked about what is happening in the crypto area. He said physical players were involved in the crypto range.

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Bitcoin apocalypse ends at this Charter!

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Otherwise, there are security Novogratz indicators A clear regulatory framework is not yet clear, but the future is clear. He also said that the crypto investment company, Galaxy Digital, is currently working hard on security signals and saying it has a good readiness to launch it. As with other digital resources, Novogratz says that the projects are just around the corner, and innovate in the field to add to the macro situation for bitcoin. Novogratz later said that investors should distribute at least a small part of their pack to Bitcoin, soon there will be a price increase.

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