Far Cry cover shows: Dawn Ùra


Far Cry cover shows: Dawn Ùra

6 DEC 2018 / Video games

Before the official exhibition came, the cover of the next Ubisoft saga was moved.

In the Game Awards that will take place on Thursday, Ubisoft will launch a new video game of Far Cry license. That's something that has come to an end by placing a & # 39; The first teaser was launched this Wednesday afternoon.

But before an official show, cover sadding not only shows the title Far Cry: New Night, but also it will make clear some of the elements that will be part of seed after a nuclear attack.

In addition, it is possible to have the cover to & # 39; Seeing some of the characters in the new investment, but everything says that the new initiatives are, as the people who are aiming to cover these games are usually .

See the picture below.

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