Farm: Such discussions have not happened in any seasons


The atmosphere on the farm gets flavored. Franko and Zdenka did not argue, others were strange about the rest of the line.

There was a share in the Farm again. They hit it right in the morning




The Deputy The final is sure to hide an essential oil that forms part of a weekly activity. When he stood in front of her room to find out where the oil was, Rus came and he translated into the war.


after a conversation with Nick, he decided to break the job, as the family headed violent psychological.

Then she came to the estate


and the crowd broke again at the table – this time between




The Post The worst conflict of the day was held in the kitchen. Apparently, telling Aneta Zdenka, who was there; cooked lunch, she was hungry and had no pests for herself and Nika. However, Zdenka opposed Aneti not to do anything. She often said she would not stop complaining about her.

"You'll be crying again,"

she was warned by a black-haired woman, and Zdenka brought her back to her to be embarrassing if she was a child. Aneta threw a cup full to the air through a word word, and Nick had to keep her back, not to jump over her. board. Zdenka was very good that day. She reached the student and continued to be encouraged to fight her.

"Do not touch me! Do not take me!"

Aneta, who was said to be leaving the show if she addressed her; Competition corporately, turning it back with sadness.


, formerly on Zdenkina side, has now moved to Anetin camp. "

Zdenka is the biggest actress. It is a big bed, "

she said.

At the end, Alex and Nik hit and fell in a & # 39; wood with tensile.

Anna and Zdenka move into the field.

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