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For a long time, there was no news from the Buchloe German city, where there is a small Alpina company that is involved in changing the BMW vehicle. The latest novel is almost a year ago; the BMW Alpina XD4 cover, but then the company was re-evaluated to the need to re-evaluate their cars to the new level to measure the effectiveness of WLTP. That's why the "treshka" or BMW "eight" have not yet been recorded in the Alpina catalog. But for the upcoming Motor Show Motor, its brand new company has built up the famous BMW Alpina B7 series.

Like the original "seven", large grill shoes, lights and other torches, decorate "squares" on the sides and better protective sounding of the Buchlohe draft. Traditionally, Alpina chose the option with a normal appearance (without a M-package), decorated with bumpers and sills, pipes and new artificial wheels with a diameter of 20 or 21 inches.

The company says that the latest recital of V8 4.4 has been inserted by the two turbo under the hood, which lasted through an important increase and got turbocharging and new lubrication systems. However, the high yield was similar to the BMW Alpina B7 model of the 2016 model: 608p and 800 Nm. Although it is still larger than the factory turnover (530 hp, 750 Nm).

But the engine has a very bigger new engine at low surveys, with the allocation of 800 Nm at 2000 rpm instead of the previous 3000. It is grateful for this feature that its long-distance wheel is & # 39; Spinning with all wheel drive and the "self-moving" (but no other versions of Alpina) are more lively than the previous ones. Accelerated to 100 kilograms / times and 3.6 seconds 3.7 seconds. The original BMW 750Li will do this in 4.1 seconds. The highest speed is the same: 330 km / h per 250 restricted to a factory car & cart. The suspension situation has also been changed, which is a Sport mode + which reduces land permit with 15 mm. The tool for the management of the back wheels is a general device.

Interestingly, inside the "Alpina" seven "update is still not shown. But the company may change the new tools, BMW, and & # 39; draw on the main problem! So far, Alpina is held on the dials and even on new models with only dragged instruments that just leave a statue of arrows, and # 39; removing other graphic options. It seems to be possible to look at the "seven" only decoration at the Geneva Motor Show, where the world stage will happen.

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