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A.Kvietkus said that she could see that his daughter Monika was going through a divorce. He has currently been telling the story of helping his sons to watch for his son because he has retired: “When your close person is between different, he is not happy. I finished the service in a time, and so at this time I am helping to look after the same grandson, it is a good child, ”said Kvietkus.

But the man himself said to the gentleman that he was good and not angry: "We were not friends with Andrew, but we never fell. His father is father and not we aren't angry, the thing they have is, and grandparents can't do anything. ”

VIDEO: Dad M.Sedžiuvienė, about the relationship with them: we were not very angry at the moment

Earlier, Monika admitted that she is currently raising warm feelings for a new man who is also financially assisting: "I am in love, a man who loves me, my son has turned on me t And there will be no time or money in it, and his father is not even worthy of emigrating on one occasion, ” t 15mion In the summer, M.Sedžiuvienė said.

When asked about financial problems and Andras to pay, the man told Monika that he didn't talk about the subject, but helps to raise his grandson financially.

"I can't say that kind of thing because I didn't listen to Monika as long as I know he pays some bad dentistry. It is 200 200 euros!" It's probably funny money, so when we need financial help with our mom, ”Kvietkus said.

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Arūnas Kvietkus

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Arūnas Kvietkus

The meeting also rejected the lecture on Monika. A.Kvietkus said he knew he was still staying as a result of the child's residence and told Monika that he wanted to stand out faster, stay calm, "she is tired of all the processes." T , divorce is a bad thing.

True, Arūnas said he thought Andy's envy was the main reason for separation. Monika has been playing with the New Babies band for a time, so, according to Arūnas, Andrew's different thoughts were: "I don't know what the main reason is a divorce – possibly envious of the place. "Monika is a player, she took part in projects, but I can't say more because I don't know anything. ”

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Andrius Šedžius

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Andrius Šedžius

But Arūnas is also refusing the recent public address lecture that Monika is planning to go abroad after divorce. According to the father of M. Šedžiuvienė, she will create a future in Lithuania and had nothing to leave.

“I know that she has no plans to move. The future is planned in Lithuania. I promise 100 per cent that there are no plans like that, ”said Kvietkus.

15mion remembering that Andris Šedžius expressed his concern about Monika's plans to take the child over to court at the end of February.

“I'm scared of the court taking a favorable decision for Monika, I don‟ t lose a child again. I know that she doesn't have a friend of her heart living in Lithuania, but she never comes in again, and so I'm sure she is looking for a hold. her son was taken away. What do I do then? After all, I won't go to Ireland to see a growing son. We won't lose another Lithuanian, ”said Šedžius.

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