Father Van Toan: "Clach in Myanmar should be an arbitrator to" leave his hospitality "


Nguyen Van Tao argued that the referee was wrong with the refusal of Van Toan's goal, leading to 0-0 from Vietnam's team to Myanmar 20/11.

In 77 minutes, Van Toan entered the Myanmar net but the flag of the flag referee was off. The referee's decision is to create a huge wave of controversy. If Van Toan got in this situation, the Vietnam team might win 1-0 ready and won the Group A. summit

Unfortunately, the father Van Toan, unfortunately, speaks of the refusal, Nguyen Van Tao, unfortunately: "Today black, Van Toan broke the referee but was arrested. But in my opinion, these fruits are not outside. Van Toan who is fired into this fruit is scattered. Why do not I need to hire Vietnam? I'm in Myanmar and so the referee will welcome the guest. "

Before that, Van Toan was also expressed when she was broken in ASIAD 18. This is the reason why her family in particular and the general tune was more confident in her. this little player. Although only the third round of the group, Van Toan people and neighbors were still coming together to get them together; see a game.

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There were no goals for the Vietnam team Van Toan, who lost their first time in the 2011 Cup. Abh: Photograph: Thuan Thang.

Share with Zing.vn, Mr Tao still says: "I look at this game so enjoyable. How many chances are to kill your legs along on their team. "

Mr Tao said he can not just encourage his son in the game against Myanmar but he will try to leave if the team has to go to his / her. final or final. The family is also trying to get Hanoi for her; game by Cambodia at Hang Do on 24/11. But everything needs to wait and see how Van Toan lives.

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