Faustão is making a historical homage to Boechat and he does not. keep alert!


Today, February 17, producer Fausto Silva, Faustão, added the Internet by going over her & # 39; globe and respecting the personality of another broadcaster. During the reign of Domingão do Faustão, he remembered the death of Ricardo Boechat. At this time it had a big impact.

In a statement, Faustão said that her year began to be very tough and at a loss. He then sang to the death of Ricardo Boechat, who died as a result of a crash of a helicopter crash in Sao Paulo.

The reporter also entertained Deise Cipriano and also her actress Bibi Ferreira. They were all dead this week

Faustão also showed the image of the show on program screen. He then said that Boechat was deserving of his / her mind.

In social networks, many people were very excited and surprisingly reluctant to the Brazilian television program:

Others noticed that the partner was feeling like he remembered his friend. "I watched so many boyfriend stories from Boechat this week that he spent me to convince him that he was away. Faustão was pleased to talk about ", said an internet user.

The consultant also said that he worked with Ricardo Boechat in sport journalism. He said that Brazil needed people like Boechat.

In addition to the acres of Jornal da Band, Fausto Silva did other messengers. On the big screen of the program, he showed the image of Deise Cipriano, singer of Fat Family, who died from cancer this week. It would also be remembered that his actress Bibi Ferreira, queen of the Brazilian theater. We left her actress at the age of 96.

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