Faustão is now calling Mariana Ferrão's name and the site does not. to die


Mariana Ferrão

Credit: Play / TV GloboMariana Ferrão was damaged in her double step and was removed from "Dancing of the famous"

Fausto Silva lost the name Mariana Ferrão when he called on the "Domingão" platform, of Globo, for a & # 39; Presenting a double degree in the "Dancing of the famous", Sunday, 25.

The producer named Mariana Leão's main assistant for the second time since the opening of the "Bem Estar" hostel participating in the music reality show.

"The third double of six today. Mariana Leão is coming," broke the conversation. However, the journalist had so much pressure on the platform that she did not face her. ghaffe.

However, the web browsers did not miss the second place and made a point to keep faustão in social networks.

Her first television Mariana Leão has been a commercial exhibitor at "Domingão", a & # 39; staying in her post for two years, between 1996 and 1998.

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Gilian Blue on Twitter

Faustão is good for changing names. "MARIAN LION" hahahaha. Famous dance

Agsonn Almeida on Twitter

Mariana Leão kkkkkkkkkkk #DanFamosamosos

Mari on Twitter

The time is for Mariana LEÁAAAO # Famous dance


Double degree Mariana Ferrão

Credit: Play / TV GloboMariana Ferrão dancing a double degree in "Domingão"

After the mischief in the exchange of names, Mariana Ferrão was eliminated by the competition. The producer is the lowest score among the partners to achieve in double speed.

Check the rating:

1st place – Dani Calabresa: 69.5 points

2 places – Leo Jaime: 69.4 points

3 places – Food Arantes: 69.1 points

4th place – Erika Januza: 69.1 points

5 places – Danton Mello: 68.9 points

6th place – Mariana Ferrão: 68.8 points.

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