Faye Tozer's person likes to see her. Coupled on a hard week between Giovanni Pernice and Strictly launching rooms



The singer Steps has been married to Mick for nearly ten years

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Faye Tozerher husband Michael Smith has revealed that a couple have gone through "another hard week" length & # 39; is the Steps singer continuing to & # 39; sailing this year Strictly Come DancingPost-Mikhail, also known as Mick, was sent to Twitter on Sunday to address her marriage nine years as well as to go to her. show the continued support for a star woman. "So be proud of @Faye_Tozer it's been another hard week and out on the park but we will do what we do and march as a team," he wrote. "Thanks again for all your votes but it's especially shouting for you Steps, you're bonkers."

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Faye Tozer and Michael Mac a 'Ghobhainn have been married for nine years

The next morning, published by Faye – which was recently photographed in the photo that was getting a wild day with her; her dancing partner Strictly, Giovanni Pernice – she had time to play her / her album; calm with her family. "Early morning morning," she made a tweet. "On my way back to London after a few hours at home with @mick_smith_ and B. You've already lost xx." The tweets come soon after Faye confessed that a show was sent to her; BBC "weight" on its long-term relationship. "It's always difficult to be away from home," she said SunshineNext "You must keep your head over water."

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She said: "We have to keep it tightly straightforward as a family unit and make sure we communicate – I think it's the same way. But it's hard to be away from home because we lose each other. " Just last week, mom-of-one share sweet picture of the couple, she praised her husband for her support over the last few months. "Happy birthday for wonderful moments @ mick_smith_ who has been the most amazing and preserved support of the fort for the last three months !!! Thank you! Michael answered: "Tapadh leat pretty." Faye has been married to her software engineer, Michael, for nearly ten years, and they are celebrating the December milestone of this year. They welcomed their only child, Benjamin Barrington Tozer-Smith, in 2009.

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