FC Barcelona The Prime Minister, taking into account the situation of Ousmane Dembélé


Over the last weekend, the Gaul Ousmane Dembélé He has shown two faces again. And, just one day after a beautiful visit to the Espanyol opponent, the player again gave clear clarity to a registered training with Ernesto Valverde. The attack appeared with her; Ciutat Esportiva of Sant Joan Despí at 1:00 p.m., this is two hours after the first time, set for 11:00.

As expected, the media do not know this truth. Indeed, several media have been explained in the past few hours If FC Barcelona gets enough food with her; player, at least two big clubs in town Premier League, Arsenal and Liverpool, willing to welcome.

In addition, English land believes that a offer of around 70 M € could be enough for a Catalan team to play a football player, despite the development on the field, proves to be unprofitable behaviors since it came to land Camp Nou.

So far, the rest of the Catalan team has opposed the French, but the fact is that there are fewer reasons behind this new disaster to continue a & # 39; Supporting a player that does not appear significantly.

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