FC Basel: FCB will come to FC Bollywood


From the mogul film Bernhard Burgener (61) at the FCB performances, the top player has been a sports company. The fans are the races.

Bored? For a foreign word for Bernhard Burgener. "If you go to the movies, you've always won heroes, and everything is always working out, then the film is fun. We want more entertainment," said the mogul film (" Perfume "," Fack ju Göhte ") for years ago in an interview with the" NZZ ".

Burgener kept his word. It's no longer the Basel football player. And they won only 9 out of 20 league games this season. And what with her concert? Achievement! There is no day without FC Basel not going to # 39; headlines.

The latest example: India to handle. Given that Burgener is deployed on the subhead, the Muttenzerkurve has been sent to the # 39; first half. The FCB has been a Bollywood FC. Sports company. Filmreif. «Isch höggschti Zit for a debate about the future of FCB», the supporters will write banner. The club's leadership does not want to be & # 39; public opinion on the merchant rise. The event will be resolved internationally, you are in a position; Looking for communication with fans.

Three disputes to come sooner

Which do you find yourself? On the one hand, the traditional ones, who are not worried about returning, but only by football. On the other hand, those who want to succeed club depend on profit, and create new revenue streams.

Two worlds break up. Not for the first time. When the club officially enters the spyware industry less than a year ago, fans want an online poker player to be hugged.

And when FCB needs to affect its & # 39; Club in social media, the Muttenzerkurve also writes on a banner: "You're doing anchor and I'm black!"

Three followers in the still-time young Burgener. It's not hard with a movie mole in Basel.

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