Fear is a tendency, Google is blocking pronouns based on sex from a new AI device


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Including Alphabet (GOOGL.O) Google in May introduced a scattered feature for Gmail that automatically offers self-verbs to users as they write. Tap "I like" and Gmail may consider "you" or "e."

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But users are unfortunately if something is their "e" or "respect."

Google technology does not recommend genres-based representatives because the risk is too high that "Smart Company" technology could be a " giving prejudice to the genre or identity of a person's identity correctly and causing consumer crime, producers of producers appeared to Reuters in interviews.

Gmail prices director Paul Lambert said the company search engineer found the problem in January when he was in a position; writes "I'm meeting with the next week's investor," and the Smart Company said an ongoing question; may: "Do you want to meet?" "I."

Users have become accustomed to bold gaffes from self-correction on smartphones. But Google refused to take opportunities at a time when gender issues re-create politics and its. society, and criticisms can investigate poverty that may have been in the forensic knowledge as ever before.

"Not all" scratch up "is the same," said Lambert. The nature of the "big, big" thing to get wrong.

Preparing properly can be good for business. Verify that Google has a & # 39; Understand how good AI is better than the competitors as part of a strategy; company to build relationships to attract its brands and customers to AI's cloud computing devices, advertising and hard-working devices.

Gmail has 1.5 billion users, and Lambert said that Smart Partnership supports 11% of messages worldwide from Gmail.com, where the feature was sent first launched.

The Smart Company is an example of what AI developers call a natural language generation (NLG) generation, in which computers are learning to write sentences by clicking on. explore patterns and relationships between words in literature, emails and web pages.

There is a system that shows bills of human sentences; become able to complete common phrases but is generally restricted. The men have been profoundly affecting areas such as finance and science, for example, so technology would Decide from the data that a reservoir or engineer "e" or "e." The case is & # 39; Given almost every key technology company.

Lambert said the Smart Company team of around 15 engineers and designers attempted a number of methods, but none of them was proven to be undoubtedly valuable. They decided that the best solution was the deepest one: constantly broadcasting. The pronoun vaccine affects less than 1 per cent of cases where Smart Computing would have done something, Lambert said.

"It's the only trusted way we can save," said Prabhakar Raghavan, who was in charge of Gmail engineering and other services until recently attempted.


Google's decision to play is safe on the quality of some of the high quality installations for the company's preliminary technologies.

The company allowed an excuse in 2015 when a feature emerged to recognize the image of its black black photography service as a gorillas. In 2016, Google changed the self-contained device at the search engine after its response to the "Anti-Semitic" question was quenched when ; Users ask information about Jews.

Google has prevented the abusers and clans from its preliminary technologies, as well as describing their business competitions or troublesome events.

A new company's policy has been launched. ban genital names also affect the list of answers that may be in Google's Responsive Response. This service allows users to respond to text messaging and emails directly with short phrases such as "good sounds".

Google's experimental use is developed by their AI ethics team to find new tendencies. Systems have a spam and abuse team, trying to find "delicious" cafe by clicking on " think it's trailers or journalists, Lambert said.

Workers outside the United States seek local cultural issues. The British Company works in four other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

"You need a lot of human supervision," said Raghavan's director of engineering, because the inappropriate web need to be able to; cover something different. "


Google is not the only technology company that is sustained by the pronoun-based problem of gender.

Agolo, the start of New York, has received funding from Thomson Reuters, using AI to summarize business documents.

He can not prove his technology reliably in some of the pronouns with his name. Therefore, the summary draws a number of sentences to give more contexts to users, Mohamed AlTantawy, chief of the Agolo technology officer.

He said that a copy is longer than he wants details. "Make the smallest mistakes of people who lose confidence," said AlTantawy. "People want 100 percent right."

However, there are still abnormalities. Preliminary keyboard tools developed by Google and Apple Inc (AAPL.O) praising the "police" generation to "police" and "retailer" to "sell".

Write the neutral Turkish phrase "no soldier" into Google Translate and he "sing himself a soldier" in English. So, make translation tools from Alibaba (BABA.N) and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O). LinksAMZN.O) to select "i" for the same sentence on its translation service for cloud computing customers.

AI experts have asked the shipping companies to display many translations.

Microsoft said that he does not ignore pronouns in his preliminary annual smartphone device, Smart Replies, to hinder the potential possibilities.

Alibaba and Amazon did not respond to requests to comment.

Warnings and restrictions such as those in the Smart Company are the most widely used initiatives in complex systems, John Hegele, a dynamic engineer in Durham, North Carolina's Automated Insights Inc., said Creating news articles from statistics.

"The ultimate goal in which he writes is a magic system in which he writes magic," said Hegele. "Tons of improvements have been made but we are not there."

Statement by Paresh Dave; Edited by Greg Mitchell and Marla Dickerson

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