Fear Telangana, died dead in the USA, home home planning for a maternal birth


Sunil Edla lived in the USA since 1987.

New Delhi:

A 61-year-old man from Telangana was killed outside his country in the United States, before his trip to India, his family said.

Sunil Edla had planned a two-month trip to India to visit his mother for her 95th birthday and celebrate Christmas with her family. "Everyone was called and spoke to him because he was going to India as soon," said his cousin Raj Casula.

One of 16 years of age was killed by Mr Edla in a carriage event in the city of Ventnor, according to information received by his relatives on Saturday.

The West Town Town Department said it was based on Mr Edla on his / her; pavement near his house on November 15, with gun wounds. He stopped injured before the police arrived.

Mr Edla's vehicle, Foaru Forester 2002, was subsequently found around 6 km from its home, in North West. After the vehicle was set by the officers, the suspect was investigated and arrested on 16 November. He was arrested through Youth Complaints with murder, error, carriage, illegal possession of a handgun.

"I have not just made a speech right now. They could just take and leave the car," said Mr Edla's son, Morrison, in a report at NBCPhiladelphia.com.

His father two, Mr Edla was a 30-year-old resident of the Atlantic County and worked in the City Atlantic hospitality industry. Mr Edla was leaving her home for work, when the teenager killed him and fled with her; car.

A neighbor said that the dead man was attacking Mr Edla and killed him dead on the platform near the steps of the second floor. He showed a video that looked at the teenagers up to Mr Edla's home. The boy knocked his bike and hid as long as he was in. Waiting for Mr Edla to leave home.

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