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US President Donald Trump speaks at the Make America Great Again rally in Biloxi, Mississippi, last night

US President Donald Trump speaks at the Make America Great Again rally in Biloxi, Mississippi, last night Photograph: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

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Commercial war fear continues to rise through the markets today, after Donald Trump threatened to be able to do so; installing new products on China products.

The US president blocked hopes that Beijing had been stopped, saying that it was "very similar" to take a bid from the head of China Xi Jinping to stop new taxes to & # 39; coming in the next January.

It was hoped that Trump and Xi could reach an agreement, perhaps at a G20 meeting this week, which would block America from reducing shorter turns on more Chinese products.

He talked to Wall Street Journal, Trump sent these hopes to show that he would appear to raise the amount of his / her debts; currently $ 200bn of Chinese export exports in January, from 10% to 25%.

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President #Trump Signs that it is going to install tariffs on China's $ 200bn goods to 25% from 10% https: //t.co/Fx6RQcplf9 pic.twitter.com/KCX51Zb5PT

November 27, 2018

Trump raised the extra campaigns, threatening slap targets another one $ 267bn – which means that all Chinese goods into America would be more expensive.

He said:

"If we do not make a contract, I'll add the $ 267 billion more."

This may include installments on Apple products introduced from China, and the president added – something iPhone and MacBook users hit in the pocket .

Trump added that Beijing must be aware of the US's concerns over the trade, saying:

China needs to open their country to a United States competition. "

Fees are effective as a fee for consumers (if the merchant does not expect their own expense). Trump thinks it's possible for babysitting to be in a position; deal with better products, saying:

"I can do it [the tariff] 10 per cent, and people could stand so easy. "

The people on Main Street may not disagree, so Trump's meeting with Xi will be close to this weekend's G20 meeting.

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